and one year later…

 Exactly one year ago today we pulled into Asheville. Our new home. We had no idea what we were getting into…had never been to Asheville…had never had okra. 

This year has obviously been a series of ups and downs…like most years with big change.  And now with even more change coming, we’ve decided to just embrace the irregular.  We’d love to be seeing our family more.  We miss many things about our South Dakota home.  Life is impossible to uproot and set down somewhere else and settle in within days.  There’s some things we aren’t comfortable with yet…like grits.  But we know now for certain wherever we are together, we are home.

We’ve seen and done so many cool things this year.  Met new friends, fell in love with a new church, explored new landscape, learned new words, ate some of the best food ever.  We are in love.

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Being in this area has opened new doors for us, shaped us, and stretched us.  We’ve seen things and met people we otherwise wouldn’t have.
Like Sunday for example…we hung out with Joy & Donny Prouty, photographer extraordinaries from Southern Cali.  They are doing a workshop here in Asheville this week for photographers.  I wiggled my way into Joy’s heart (which isn’t that hard…she’s got a huge one)…and she asked if our family would like to do a shoot for the workshop.  Geeeee….yes!!! This is a dream come true!

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Joy has the best job ever.  She combines her talents of creativity with props and staging annnnd her camera and creates the most dreamy photos you’ve ever seen.  She photographs celebrities…she’s that good.
She asked us to envision our dream shoot.  Ironically enough the day she needed us was today: our one-year anniversary in Asheville.  So I used that as a diving off point.  We’ll be dedicating this shoot to our special day and calling it our “Ode to Asheville.” 

There will be cozy plaids, fall galore, a family campfire, and a fun game of cowboys and Indians.  We’ve been busy gathering props and making things like bows and arrows.

Does she look like a natural or what?? I mean…a little freaky, Ms. Katniss.
I am seriously giddy.  This is like the coolest thing ever to do today of all days….it would be pretty darn cool any day though.  Now, I’ll have to convince Joy and Donny to come back this way in a year or so to get some shots with a family of SIX!
Wish me luck…I’m a little nervous! EEEEEk!
Happy One-Year Anniversary in Asheville to us! Thank you, my friends, following this adventure with us.  I am honored that you read along.


  1. What a COOL experience. I hope you share more about it!! Also I MUST see more of that child in her costume. That's an order missy. Put it next to my apple butter order. Ha!!

    Sorry. I get bossy.

    Happy yearaversary.

  2. I so can't wait to see your beautiful photos!
    Congratulations on 1 year!
    I'm hoping that now that we are on our 3rd address in 15 months that I can finally feel settled for the next 2 years before we move again!

  3. Katniss absolutely!

    One year – amazing!

    I recall our one year in England- we embraced it as you are…love love love…

    Six next year is super wonderfully exciting…Joy will be back- how could she not…

    Melissa xx

  4. Wow..that's is amazing. Well you have certainly been busy this year. I so enjoy following all your exciting adventures. can't wait to see the photos:)

  5. Time really flies doesn't it?! So extremely excited for you guys today! i just know you are going to have a blast!

  6. 😀 Such a happy post, an Miss Kathniss indeed! LOVE it.

    I personally love Asheville, and would live there in a heartbeat! So happy you found a church home.

    I hope you are feeling okay!


  7. Wow, I can't believe it has been one year already. Chad and I feel like gypsies because of all of our moves but we have always stayed pretty close to home. Love your pics everyday seems like an adventure.

  8. I was excited to wake up to a new "Alicia" post today! Im so happy to hear you love your new city. For me, it always takes a year to feel, comfortable, happy and at peace with our new "home" I can't wait to see these photos! You lucky duck!

  9. Sounds like lots of fun! Anxious to see the creativity come out with the kids!
    One year already, I commented in the beginning how I wanted to live in your area with all that beauty surrounding you!
    Congratulating your family on another new year coming up and new adventures with your new addition!
    Thanks for sharing!!

  10. I am beyond thrilled that you ended up in Asheville. Even though you are 6 hours away it comforts me to know you are near. Have an awesome day celebrating. We've got rain here…hoping the skies are blue for you.

  11. i was praying for you this morning and got a little giddy myself, knowing what a special day this is for you!
    enjoy every moment!
    i cannot wait to see this shoot.

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