friday faves…an excuse to be random

Hey guys! It’s me, Alicia, here to share some of my favorite parts of the week. AKA: a good excuse to be random. I feel at home with random.  It’s where I belong. 

So here’s a few favorites from the last seven days…

After half the summer of being super lazy about planning dinners and then the next two months of scraping by on anything that didn’t make me want to hurl, I’ve done it…I’ve planned dinners for a week! AND I have a grocery list to go with it! Tomorrow morning, I shall hit the grocer’s and get right to it. I used Pioneer Woman’s first cookbook for most of the meals; her pot roast, tomato soup, and chicken pot pie are all on the list.  Fall makes me want to cook good rib-stickin’ meals. Mmmm…doesn’t roast just sound so good?!

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I waited forever yesterday in the doctor’s office for my monthly appointment…three kids in tow, no less.  But finally they called my name and sister and I went back and left the boys to their DS games in the waiting room.  After doing this four times it still amazes me that you can hear their little heart beating.  Sophie’s jaw dropped! Sooo cool. So worth the wait.

This week my house has been reallly quiet.  Yes, quiet. We have this little grove of trees in the backyard and they are making a trail or a club or some such thing.  On Wednesday they were out there for FIVE hours!! Can you believe that?? I’m sure there’s snakes and bears and poison oak, but I just usually try to do what my grandmother would have done in the ’50’s.  Would she have let her kids run wild in the trees? I’m sure she would have.  When in doubt, always do what your grandmother would have done…even if it goes against the grain.  Wait, scratch that…especially if it goes against the grain.  I just open the balcony door and I can hear every word, screech, scream, and laugh.  I think they’re pretty safe.  And my house is pretty quiet.

 Speaking of houses…I’m itching for one.  This time of year makes me want to cook and fluff.  Which means I need a house.  Preferably a 1930’s house with original tile, claw foot tubs, a little land, and four bedrooms.  OH! Maybe THIS one…too bad it’s pending and it’s in Baltimore.  Shoot.

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Another favorite this week? The Prouty’s and pie.  Joy and Donny came over last Sunday and we hung out for a couple hours and visited over pecan pie and coffee. They are just the sweetest ever.
And speaking of the Prouty’s…the photo shoot!! Oh. my. Word!!! What a fun experience! We got to see Joy in action at her workshop and pose and smile a bit for the 19ish cameras. Ya, a tad intimidating for me.  Watching Joy and Donny work together was like watching a well-oiled machine work.  They just knew what came next…they were awesome!
Yes, that was definitely the highlight of the week. So stinkin’ cool! We won’t have the pictures for about three weeks, but you can be sure I’ll be sharing as soon as I get them 🙂
Now as for today, here’s the plan:
1. groceries
2. estate sale with the kids
3. picnic at Biltmore
4. nap
Happy Friday to y’all!!


  1. What a fun week you have had! And all your meal planning? Good job…that is my weakness! And I don't know what could be better than a week's worth of Pioneer Woman's food! Congrats on your sweet new growing baby too, how fun that your little girl could hear the heartbeat!

  2. Every week I say I am going to plan out all the meals…I never follow through! So I figure we will just come over to your house…LOVE all you are going to cook 🙂
    Have a great weekend, sounds fabulous

  3. i'm lovin' your list for the day!
    i wish i was going to an estate sale with you and all our kids(maybe?), and then the picnic sounds perfect. 🙂
    also the heartbeat? oh that is just the absolute BEST! THE BEST!
    hope you have a wonderful day…i know how good it feels to get things checked of the lists.
    super excited for the pics as well!
    happy day!
    mary xoxo

  4. What a sweet little set of randomness- I love it because knowing the little things makes you feel not so far away. Love hearing that little swishy heart beat- can't wait to meet your lil' person!
    Love that your kids are playing in the woods- it always makes my heart happy when the girls stay outside for hours. Not just because of the quietness inside (which is deeeelightful) but it's what kids are suppose to do! 🙂
    CAn't wait to see those pictures- HOW FUN!!!!! We've never had real pictures done, I think it's about time.
    Ok, I guess I'll finish up this letter now. Guess I'm missin' you! HAve a fun day!

  5. So I was lying in bed this morning, thinking of our new house (9 days and counting), and when I thought of the first thing I want to cook in our new place…pot roast came to mind! It's my hubby's favorite, it's cozy and substantial. I don't have the PW recipe though. I tend to do crazy things like add shallots and red wine and this amazing herb blend from Penzey's. Culinary improv, you know.
    Don't know if I've congratulated you on baby #4, but I am really excited for you and your sweet family! And yes, let them roam the woods. Some of my favorite memories of both Cresbard and Pierre were finding some grove of trees and claiming it as my very own territory. 😉

  6. Oh, I love this random list (aren't those wee hearbeats amazing?!)

    P.S. Best line all week, "When in doubt, always do what your grandmother would have done…even (especially) if it goes against the grain."

    I want to stitch this on a pillow. 😉

  7. So thankful you heard a tiny heartbeat, what a sweet experience for little Soph. I love that you let your kids, be kids and play outside, i just blogged last week about how important that is! Can't wait to see your pics, I'm sure they will be AMAZING! Happy eating this weekend…sounds good, I think I will make some comfort food too!

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