Two Weekends in Asheville

Asheville is very…how would I explain it…eclectic? weird? mountainy?
It’s hard to put your finger on it, but whatever it is…I feel lucky to live here. Ya, banjos and bib overalls are the norm and sweet tea runs in the drinking fountains, but in all it’s quirkiness, its a gem in a mountain range.
Take last weekend for example…Saturday we headed out to the mountains to hike.  We hiked, then we decided we were only a few miles from Sliding Rock, which is supposedly super cool…a natural waterslide of sorts.
This sucker was crazy! Sophie was too little but Jarrod and the boys rocked some Sliding Rock. (please excuse the pictures…all phone and far distances)

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The bottom was 8′ deep and the water moved FAST! Jack went once and we decided it was too dangerous for him to go again. He was fine with that decision.
So, that was a big check off the ol’ summer list…

And speaking of check marks off the summer list…yesterday we checked one off mine. Bele Chere festival.  Streets full of delicious food, vendors selling their pottery, clothes, and jewelry, people watching is always a treat downtown, bands performing…specifically Brandi Carlile.  It was a check mark in the making.

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It was hot, but not unbearable, and the horrific crowds that everyone talked about weren’t really all that bad. We walked around, saw the sights, ate great food.

The concert was phenom! I’ve seen Brandi play before…she’s so uber talented you can’t go just once.  I was all freaked out that we wouldn’t get good seats (aka: our legs…standing room only). I’m totally freakish about general admission…like, I wanna be in the front…doesn’t matter what the event is; church, Brandi Carlile, or Barney and Friends…mama wants to see what brand of jeans they’re wearing. I wanna be close.  So I was worried there’d be a million crazy people thinking the same thing…and there eventually was, but being just a little early landed us right in front. 
Ya, pretty awesome.

I mean really…we were close.

Bele Chere was a must-see.  Where else would I have seen a Brandi show, eaten fried Twinkies (which I didn’t, but I so could have), listened to Blue Grass, and saw a girl/statue person playing the drums in the street?
Can’t think of anything?
Me neither.

Life always changes, who knows how long we’ll get to live here.  But you can bet we’re gonna soak up as much as we can while we ARE here…one weekend at a time.  I feel lucky to explore this place.
At noon today the kids and I are loading a plane to our first home: South Dakota.  We’ll be gone for 11 whole days.  We’ve got a full roster. We’re so excited to get so spend some quality time with our lovies.  
I do have a few posts planned for this week though… 
Also, you can follow me on instagram @aliciaahutchinson too…I might need some encouragement while I’m going through withdraws from Lost.  And a plane is not where you want to be when you’re addicted to Lost.
Wish me luck without Lost 😉



  1. Your post always make me homesick! I remember Bele Chere from way back! It started out very small with just a few artists and musicians. There is always some interesting sights to be seen there!
    Have you been to Little Switzerland, Craggy Gardens or Chimney rock yet? A good hike is Graveyard falls. All of them are beautiful!

  2. I'll never forget my first trip to sliding rock! I was scared to death!! And I'll never forget how cold the water was! My mom went almost every summer growing up in the 60's when (fun fact) there used to be a tunnel through a hole in the rock face. I love that you guys are so enjoying living there & taking advantage of everything Western North Carolina has to offer!

  3. this is wear I wish NW Iowa had a little more going on…but we will make the most of what we have, trying out a new restaurant tonight!

  4. Sweet summer fun! I'm glad you enjoyed your first Bele Chere. Bummer, I missed Brandi, but glad you had a great time. Have a great vacation!

  5. Oh my goodness! That rock slide looks like SO MUCH fun! We'll have to put that on the list my next visit. 🙂
    Love that you're a 'front row joe' kind of girl. Josh makes fun of me all the time for always wanting to be up front!
    Have so much fun in SD! Can't wait to see pics!

  6. Where you are living sounds awesome! Our current city is a struggle to find any kind of awesomeness what so ever! Have a wonderful trip home! No place like home!!!

  7. I love this post! I have no idea who that musician was… does that mean I'm old and out of the loop? LOL

    I read this post and I feel like something is brewing for you guys again… we'll have to catch up on that end and you know I'll be praying.

    I hope you have a GREAT time in SD!!

    Love you girly.

  8. I have that anxious need to have the best view at shows, too. I even get anxious at movie theaters, thinking if we don't get their early enough all the good seats will be taken. Have a great trip!

  9. Maybe you should watch a different tv show while you're gone. I have a few to recommend. 😉

    Your weekends look so fun!! I feel like this season with a 2yo and a an infant is not my most exciting time. Next year maybe I'll get to do more fun things. I live vicariously through your pics!!

  10. enjoy your time in so dak! i know it will be wonderful to go home.

    girl, when we were in asheville last summer we saw a boy-woman on a gigantic unicycle. just driving down the street. LOL. eclectic to say the least! ; )

  11. Your pictures look like you had an amazing weekend. Thos pictures of Brandi are beautiful. You should post them on her site:) Our weekend was filled with hunting for rental homes, which isnt as exciting as festivals, but in its own way is exciting. Have fun in South Dekota on your farewell summer tour. xO

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