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I kinda love these posts…so here we go again: my favorites of the week…and it was a good one. We had nothing…I repeat nothing on our calendar. We hung out at the pool, listened to thunder, did art projects, and that’s about it. I loved this week.
Here were my favorite parts:
Have I ever told you how much I love thunderstorms?? I do. I love them.  We had a few this week…favorite.

I bought these his & hers pillow cases at a garage sale with Amy a couple weeks ago and I just now got around to washing them and putting them on the bed. How sweet are these??!! I love them…favorite again.

If you read my last post, you know I went out on a limb a little bit and started selling a planner I designed and made.  Then my heart was totally blessed because a.) I sold some!!  and b.) I live in NC and that’s just what you say…bless your heart.

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They are just good, cheap entertainment…kids. They want a dog…the parents do not. We asked what they would name a dog. The results? Dingo, Hot Dog, or Greg.  Well, ok….

We’ve been needing one for about four months…Daddy finally sprang for a new fly swatter. It says *splat*…it don’t take much to get us excited.
(I hate that I just used incorrect grammar in that last sentence, but I had to for effect-sake…you’ll understand.)

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The other front one is about to go too. How will he eat? Will I have to puree all his food? I’m so not doing that. He looks so old now.
We got rid of our grill when we moved and thought we could get by this summer without one. Wrong. We couldn’t stand it. We bought one on Sunday and have grilled every night but one. It was the missing piece to our summer…so that’s it. Our summer is complete.

I love that she loves art. She asks for some sort of art supply almost every time we’re in Target. I can’t say no.  It’s like saying no to air. Must. buy. new. markers.  Anyway yesterday she made an adorable resist type painting and it turned out beautifully…will share soon.

I love that Huck Finn look, don’t you? Old jeans=new shorts=favorite.

Ya, like waaaaay addicted. Way. We watch it every night. It’s soooo good.
I have come to three conclusions with this show:
1. Sayid is my favorite. He’s smart, resourceful, and I like his accent.
2. Kate is Captain Obvious. “Jack, we were in a plane crash.” “Jack, so-and-so just died in your arms.” Ya, no duh Kate, we’re all watching…you don’t need to reiterate the drasticness of the situation.  She has great arms, though…I gotta say.
and 3. John Locke is out of his damn mind.
That’s it. That’s my week.  This weekend I will be watching Lost…for two days straight, taking a break for a bit to go to my very first BELE CHERE festival in Asheville and see a free BRANDI CARLILE show!!!! Seriously so excited…I may have just peed a little. SO excited.
Happy weekending,


  1. i love these posts, too. Cut-offs are too cute – I love to make them for myself, they really seam to fit so much better than reg shorts. Def going to check out your planner one of these days. And have so much fun with Lost. My hubs and I were hopeless addicts. But savor seasons 2 & 3 – they are the best, after that it gets a little wacky. ; )

  2. My little brother will be playing at Bele Chere with a group called Aunt Martha! He'll be the cute drummer! My older brother and his family live in Asheville and will be there too! They are amped to see Brandi Too!
    Have a ball!

    Jayne B.

  3. What a great week, good for you on the lesson planners I'm sure they will be a smash. Lost I could not hang bur Bruce LOVED it and you are in for so many surprises.

    Have a great concert!

  4. i'm so thankful that you had a restful, recharging kind of week!
    we know they all aren't like that, so it's such a blessing!

    loved seeing peeks into it.
    have a great weekend!

  5. love the pillowcases! I have never watched lost before, but I hear so much about it, I must be missing something! Have a great weekend!

  6. This post made me so happy! I seriously miss LOST so much. I should probably just start watching it all over again!

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