July Mock 365

Another month under 2012’s belt. July delivered in the summer entertainment area…big time.  Every day almost was loaded with something wild and crazy…or just crazy.  I’m kinda looking back at all the stuff we did and wondering how exactly we did that.  July was long.  And rightly so…it’s about summer took a chill pill.
fourth of July festivities
Virginia beach
Bele Chere
Brandi Carlile
39 episodes of Lost…we might have started that in June though
sno cones
school planning
Yep, July was pretty awesome.
So without further ado, here’s my month of July, collage style:

 Clockwise::sparklers::Virginia Beach::my Becky and me::Sophie @ Colonial Williamsburg::Jack @ Virginia Beach::Noah @ IKEA::sno cones with friends

Clockwise::watching storms::banjo band downtown::Brandi concert::sno cones::downtown Asheville::hiking Moore Cove::me and Ms. Amy ๐Ÿ™‚

Here’s to a just-as-awesome August!!

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  1. 10 points for packing in the fun. Someday I will making wonderful-lovely collages just like you…for now I will enjoy yours : )

  2. Oh I LOVE IT all!! But major jealousy over you and the BEckster. I wanna join your little partay.

    You should come link up. I have no idea how to make a linky button OR make it so thumbnail photos show up. I suck at linkys… but you should still come do it. ๐Ÿ™‚

  3. hey gorgeous…hope you are having fun! love that you've squeezed so much into summer…and it's not even over!!! see no need to worry:) love you sweet thing.

  4. I am ready for fall! I love your summer storm pictures! I must admit this year I am getting tired of our 100 plus heat out here in Sacramento!

    Happy August!

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