faith restored…

I’m not from around these parts. There was a lot of adjusting to different culture changes when we moved here last October. The accent, the y’alls, the sweet tea, the prices on junk!
I love junk…aka: beautiful chippy, dented goodness that adorns my home.  In the Midwest junk abounds and for mere dollars you can have a galvanized bucket to fill with sunflowers or a stool with peeling paint or a fan…anything your junking heart desires.  I took all this for granted before we moved. When we got here to NC, my first (and only because I was heart broken) junk trip was a sad one. Beautiful junk yes…beautiful prices…um, not so much.
When Amy was here last weekend, I decided to have another go. I took her to a shop I’d never been to…The Screendoor. Oh my…pick-up-Alicia-she-just-died moment! The place was beautiful…huge! Each booth was set up so differently and creative. The building was old and there were skylights letting the sunshine come through. Cool jazz was filtering through the speakers.  All the junk was good!! Still a little higher than what my pickin’ heart is used to, but overall it wasn’t bad at all.  Not gonna lie, I dreamed about Screendoor…I did. 

It was so fun to do that with Amy. Sister knows her junk! She has a booth at a really neat shop in Montana that she keeps stocked with all her vintage finds. She has a good handle on prices and value of things.  She helped me find this…for $20!! $20!!!
I have no idea where I’m going to put it yet, but it was on clearance and I just had to…somewhere it will be very cool looking 😉
I also found this Frenchy towel holder that’s not holding my keys. Isn’t it the cutest?!

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The next day we went on a hike but the little town we were close to had a cute little shop with a TON of architectural finds. I love those shops…just in case you ever needed an old hinge or a doorknob, you were golden at this place. They also had a lot of other vintage goods too. I found this little bucket and Grand Canyon pennant for  really good prices. Score!

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So yes, North Carolina, my faith is restored in junking. My broken vintage heart is pieced back together. Screendoor, I will be back…and wallet, you’re lucky I don’t have a real house yet or you’d be empty. 
Do you like how I’m talking to non-living things? Just noticed I do that a lot.
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  1. I may come to your house and steal that bees knees picture thingy 🙂 I would smile at that every single day!

  2. in order to prevent the damage that jealousy can cause among your family and friends, i think that you should sell the little french key-holder thing to me right away. for a nice little profit. i am serious. 🙂

    glad you found some cool things and had a fun time with a friend.

    kathy in iowa (where the prices on "junk" keep getting higher because of shows like "american pickers")

  3. You found some great finds….I think I remember Becky from farm girl paints say that junking in the south is very different from junking in the north. I know for sure the prices are high here!!

    I'm so glad that you are warming up to NC…{and the South!}

    You've heard Y'all, but have you heard ALL Y'all? {pronounced aww yaww} 🙂

    Do you feel like it's becoming home?

  4. Junk can be expensive here…its sad. I went to a place with my mother the other day and saw a few things that would look so cute in my house…only I still don't have a house. lol. Thank goodness I fought back the urge to by them anyway. What would Royal have said? lol

  5. what a sweet sweet song that surprised me when i came today! I love it and I love that song. Thanks for making me smile 🙂

  6. amy has got to be the junk queen! and i mean that in the best way possible. love your new treasures. i have one piece of vintage in my house and one day i want more! for now, i'll live through you and amy. ; )

  7. I remember the high prices while we were in NC. I love a good find! I have a place near me now that always comes through for me 🙂

  8. Alicia, that it the cutest key hook. If you are ever in California you would not believe the prices of our junk it's crazy sometimes. Happy to hear you had a great visit.

    Happy future junking!

  9. Great finds! I still haven't found any really good junk shops in my area. I see all this great stuff people find on their blogs and I get so jealous. I'll have to look a little harder, I think.

  10. i love your finds!
    i so wish i could have gone junkin' with you two…it's one of my very favorite things to do! 🙂
    so happy that your faith is restored. 😉

  11. Hooray for good junking! I too have dreamed of the Screen Door- such an awesome place! It was so fun to venture to these new places with you. It's quite refreshing to walk into a place without glass display cases . . . and creepy doll faces.
    Now you just need to try that weekly flea market . . . just where your bullet proof vest. Yes! For the love of good junk! Hee hee! Love you friend!

  12. I love the little french rack. I woder why the hangers say, keys, glasses, knives, etc. Perhaps to hold keys in abutler's pantry? I am visiting a friend in Charlotte this week from LA and I was surprised everything is so new here. Like a giant shopping mall

  13. Sounds awesome! Can I come next? I've been looking for a place nearby to go junking. My fave flea market is a little far with a newborn in tow. I'm having withdraws.

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