We love magic in our house–Santa, the Tooth Fairy, imaginative playing, and fairies. Yes, lots of fairies.

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My mom encouraged us to think imaginatively. For instance, she would play Little House On The Prairie with us. She was Ma, my sister and I were Laura and Mary.  My mom would  trick ask us to go get “eggs” from the chicken coop…aka: pick up all the apples off the ground that had fallen from the tree. We happily did it. My mom was always always doing things to cultivate our imaginations. Reading to us, telling us stories, making little games for us…but then leaving us to play, not staying and overseeing our every move. I loved that. I have the best memories of these things.

My mom’s passion is all things green. She’s in her yard at all hours of the day (and night) working. She talks to her flowers. (which I thought made her an insane person until about a year ago when she’s all like, “Alicia, plants thrive off our carbon dioxide we exhale…it helps them grow.” Oh ya…that’s right, elementary botany classes, thanks for stickin’ with me.)
When my parents were here in May, Grandma Kelly made Sophie into a believer of fairies. We went on a hike and Grandma showed her every nook and cranny that the fairies inhabited. Sophie was fascinated.
This could either be a hat rack or a place to hang your fairy bath robe.

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The fairies prepare meals in this trunk. It’s also a good place to take cover if need be.

Teeny little seats in which to sit upon and attend fairy meetings together.

It’s hard to see in this photo, but this fallen log is full of all sorts of holes and nooks. This is most definitely the fairy fortress. They do most of their living here.
Ever since that day in May, Sophie’s been wanting to make a fairy garden of her own, with the thought that if you build it, they will come.
Yes, they will.

The only thing I bought for this project was the little fence, which I found at Micheal’s. Everything else we had…including the tiny gardening tools. I have no clue why I had those, really.
Start by filling your container with dirt. Make sure there’s plenty of good drainage. I added some plants that I already had growing and a birdhouse.

We added  a path and garden tools for Ms. Fairy to do her work. Then when we were done, I went inside and Sophie stayed out to remind her fairy to not get into any mischief.

We actually did a project like this last year too. I know your kids will love this. Here’s the link from last year’s fairy gardens.

Build a fairy garden…or a gnome home if your boys are not into it. Gnomes can be very naughty. Maybe they can live vicariously through them.


  1. Fairies are most definately real! The excitement surrounding my daughter when she discovers a fairy ring of mushrooms in the yard is unmatched! The party and dancing that must have happened overnight is so exciting. Love it!

  2. yep, i'm with becky's comment too;)
    on the other hand, i'm still totally doing this.

    and i've been awaiting a summer reading post. whacha been reading, how you're liking it, etc.

  3. what a sweet little garden!
    and i'm giggling just a little bit about that dude. 🙂
    happy long weekend!

  4. My kids were looking over my shoulder while I was reading your post. Curious minds wanted to know what the picture were of. I now have 2 little ones begging me to make a fairy garden too. Looks like we have our summer project for today all planned. Thanks for the fun idea:)

  5. Uh is that guy for real? I'm a little creeped out.

    Love your sweet fairy garden….so cute! Your momma sounds wonderful. Love how she encouraged creative play. You definitely take after her. Hope you're having fun your "long weekend";)

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