amy’s weekend in asheville

 If you’ve never met a blog friend in real life, do it. You might regret it if she’s actually the cat lady or is a total fake blogger chick and is the opposite of who she makes herself out to be, but she’s probably not. This blogging world produces friendships that are real. Really real.

Amy’s weekend here was fast, but so fun. I played tour guide Barbie and showed her my life here in Asheville. The fun part was we experienced some of what Asheville has to offer that I’ve never done before.  That was so cool.

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We ate a ton, hung out at the drum circle until the downpour stopped us, talked until 1am three nights in a row, junked, and hiked till our legs nearly fell off…all good things.
The most weird thing of all was how not weird it all was. When you meet someone for the first time isn’t there supposed to be a bit of awkwardness? Just a little bit? There wasn’t. Not one bit. It was like an annual visit that we’d never had before. Amy was just as sweet as I knew she would be. Adorable, laid back, a soul sister.

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Our hike to the top of Looking Glass Rock was more memorable than we’d have liked in some respects. It was so hot I sweat through my shirt most disgustingly.  We nearly missed the summit and the best view ever because we thought we were going the wrong way and almost turned around. We laughed so hard the meditaters at the top almost threw us off the top 🙂 Oops.
Seriously so fun!

Amys’ flights got switched around and we ended up going to Charlotte’s airport to see her off. It was a great turn of events because she got to experience IKEA for the first time…what could be better!?

Ms. Ames, I love the heck of you. You’re welcome back anytime 🙂


  1. I LOVE that you've met a blog friend in real life….I haven't yet, but I want to so bad!!!

    Paige from SImple Thoughts is an hour away from me and her daughter does to UGA here in Athens…..timing just hasn't ever worked out, but I know it will eventually!

    When I come back to Asheville, I'm SO going to try to meet you!

  2. Was up early today and for the first time in forever, took a few to read your blog. Don't have a lot of time so I just scrolled through pictures and speed read. I am really talented like that. 🙂 Anyway…it made me miss you so much. I miss you my sweet, sweet friend. And your kids. Love them. Can't wait to have you here for the briefest of time. It will be good for my heart.

  3. i wish THIS amy had just visited you in asheville : ) looks like such a fun trip! isn't the blogging world just the coolest thing ever? seriously though. and byt he way it looks just gorgeous there.

  4. i am SO happy for the both of you!
    kindred spirits are such a rare and true blessing and it is so wonderful to see you two together!
    how super fun!
    like Rach said above, it makes my heart happy, too!

  5. Looks like your weekend was a success!! I love your boys shirt too. I need one– where did you get it?? Please and thank you<3

  6. Love you so much my friend! I think it was quite perfect that Joe Purdy was playing while I scrolled through your post- . . . made me tear up. It was a weekend to remember for sure. Thank you for being the BEST tour guide Barbie ever! I already miss you!!
    PS- I had a picture to document the sweaty shirt, but decided not to post it. Your welcome. Hee hee!

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