The Miracle Hour: How to Get Ready for Company Right Now

We have all the excuses. Our home is too small, too messy, too unfinished. But opening our homes and  having friends and family over is where memories are made! There’s been SO many times where I don’t want to stop the normal flow, get ready for company, and entertain–but I’m always happy when I do.

I have a joke with my kids–“We’re not awesome at some things, but we are AWESOME at doing a Shakedown for guests!”

And we really are pretty awesome at working against a timer, pulling together, and getting our home ready for company.

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In this episode of Over at Alicia’s I shared step-by-step how you can get ready for company too–in just 30 or so minutes. (We call it the Miracle Hour/Power Hour just because it sounds cool, but it usually takes much less than an hour!)

Read on, listen on, and get your home ready for company!

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How to Get Ready for Company–fast!

  1. Set a Timer for Thirty Minutes – go full speed! Don’t look at your phone, don’t get a snack, just focus on cleaning.
  2. Get a Trash Bag + Laundry Basket – collect  items as you go room to room.
  3. Start in the Kitchen – everyone tends to gather in the kitchen, so having that clean always makes everything else seem clean.  Make sure to empty the dishwasher so dirty dishes can go right in, declutter the counters tops, and wipe down all the surfaces.
  4. Go Room by Room – grab you garbage bag and laundry basket to go room by room.  Fluff pillows, fold blankets, and tidy everything up.  Use the laundry basket as a holding spot to take stuff back to their right spots.
  5. Clean the Bathroom – empty the trash, wipe down the sink and toilet, light a candle, and it’s all ready to go.
  6. Vacuum the Main Areas – if you have time do a quick vacuum of your main areas of the house.
  7. Set the Atmosphere – light some candles, dim the lights, turn on lamps, turn on your favorite music playlist, and take a few seconds to relax before your guests arrive.

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