Art seems to be one of those things a lot of folks always want to do, but finding the time to do it is a challenge. For us, the key to getting more art done is finding the right projects to fit into our days. Chalk Pastels have been one of THE best answers to that challenge. And now, the Chalk Pastel Membership Club is going to make fitting art into your homeschool day even easier.

Currently, we have art hanging in frames, taped to our doors and walls, and stuck to our fridge.  Fitting art into our homeschool day means this: simple projects that produce BIG impact for my kids. They need something to be proud of–and quickly!

In our home, we tend to do art with the current season. Birds in the spring, frosty trees in the winter, harvest-scapes in the fall. We love using Chalk Pastel guides because they are fast lessons and produce a BIG impact in the end–the art my kids create from these lessons is gorgeous!

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Chalk Pastel Membership Club is a new feature and it’s going to be awesome. It’s going to be a surefire way to fit art into your homeschool week every single week! Here’s the why’s and the how’s of the club.Chalk Pastel Membership Club is going to make fitting art into your homeschool day even easier. This post will show you how!

Chalk Pastel Membership Club: How it Works

When you sign up for Chalk Pastel Membership Club, you’ll get instant access to A Simple Start in Chalk Pastels, which is a 45-lesson course designed to last you the entire year.

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Then, each month, a new video course with multiple video lessons will be added to your account.

You’ll also get a extra bonus lesson each month as well!

You can literally sign up and dive in! Not much prep is involved aside from snagging a box of chalk pastels!

Each month with your membership, there will be members-only events to enjoy. Things like Summer Art Camp or Art Adventure where you and your kids will “travel” around the U.S. drawing American landmarks–so much fun!


Why being part of Chalk Pastel Membership Club benefits you

Now that you know HOW the Club works, let me tell you WHY it’ll benefit you, homeschool mama.

  1. You don’t have to be artistic or even like teaching art. Nana will teach your child everything he/she needs to know. You can either sit down and create with your child or do something else for a while.
  2. The supply list is extremely short. All you need is some construction paper and a set up chalk pastels. That’s it!
  3. There’s plenty of lessons to choose from, so no arguing about what you are drawing–there’s so many choices, everyone will be happy.
  4. Easy, easy, easy. This is one subject you won’t have to plan for–the videos are done and the supplies are few. It’s the easiest!
  5. Your whole crew can do these lessons. It’s so fun to sit down together with a wide array of ages and all enjoy the same thing. This is it!

The Goods included in your Membership

  • Support for all your chalk pastel questions
  • Monthly Clubhouse e-Magazine
  • Weekly Clubhouse email
  • A Simple Start in Chalk Pastels–a year long curriculum
  • Get Started in Chalk Pastel Art course
  • Preschool Video Art Lessons
  • Spring Video Art Lesson
  • Forest Nature Video Art Lessons
  • A new video course each month
  • Brand new art lesson each week
  • Art Lesson Index
  • Chalk Pastels at the Movies
  • You Are an Artist Planner (coming June 2018)
  • A coupon code for any art course for free
  • Themed monthly art events
  • and more!!

Chalk Pastel Membership Club is open for beta testers!

The membership club is currently open to 50 beta testers at a special yearly price. After May 23rd, they’ll be offering monthly and quarterly sign-up options to fit your individual needs.

We are so excited about the Chalk Pastel Membership Club and I hope you’ll try it out too!

More Chalk Pastel Lessons

If the membership isn’t your cup of tea, that’s no biggie! We’ve loved Chalk Pastel lessons for years just using their video courses and lessons. Some of the lessons we’ve loved doing are: