Over at Alicia’s Bonus Episode One: Homeschool Curriculum

I am loving this new podcasting venture and LOVING sharing my experiences as a mom and homemaker with you in this way. Over at Alicia’s is for any mama, but once in a while, I want to throw in some episodes devoted to homeschooling and moms interested in adding more learning into their everyday. This bonus homeschool episode is all about that: our homeschool curriculum for the new school year, 2018-19 and how we’re planning to make it all work.

This year, we have an 11th, 7th, 5th and Kindergartner. Our days are proving full, but fruitful. These notes will breakdown all the good stuff I mention in the episode. Listen below—and enjoy!

Over at Alicia’s Bonus Episode: Homeschool Curriculum

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Here’s a breakdown of the mentions in the show, categorized by kid + age + grade.

Vera (5) -Kindergarten

Jack (13) + Sophie (10) – 7th and 5th Grade

Noah — 11th Grade

Things We’re Doing Together

Our Week:

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Currently (Homeschool Mom Edition)

Reading: The Writers Jungle by Julie Bogart

Loving: Antique Storage Cabinet (similar size/shape: from IKEA)

And how we’re organizing everything from FB recently:

Excited About: Read Alouds! Boys in the Boat and Murder on the Orient Express on Audible, The Green Ember, The Rats of Nimh

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  1. Alicia…Thank you so much for sharing your details! We’re just in our 3rd year and I’m always looking for tips as our boys get older!

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