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So my oldest is on his second to last year of high school and my baby is about to start kindergarten. What the whattttt??!!! Hold me. I’ve dug in my heels all summer but I finally sat down and made our kindergarten curriculum choices. At this age, I don’t really make a definite plan. I just basically scoured our shelves to find things that we loved at that age and I thought Vera would enjoy doing with me (or all of us).

I get so many questions about what to buy for kindergarten year. My answer is always, “don’t buy too much.” I’m going to list a bunch of ideas in this post, but if you’re just starting out, please just pick two or three of these things. Don’t break the bank for kindergarten unless you’ve got a bunch of kids coming up that you know will use this stuff too.

You can also listen to the homeschool plans on my podcast here: 

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Kindergarten Curriculum Choices for Learning to Read

These are another staple we’ve used with all the kids from the beginning.

Kindergarten Curriculum Choices for Math

Kindergarten Curriculum Choices for the Arts

Kindergarten Curriculum Choices for Science + Nature

More Ideas for your Kindergartners

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The way I like to approach kindergarten is really kid-lead. I don’t want to overload at this age! I learned with my second child that trying to push them to read too early doesn’t work at all. Right now, Vera is really excited about doing school and I’ll use her excitement as long as it lasts. When she grows a little weary, I’ll switch it up to something else. Their attention spans are so very short at this age.

I also want a lot of our “curriculum” to be studying nature outdoors and reading. This is why I’ve pulled the FIAR books that I have and nature resources that I love. Vera loves nature best and I want that to be a big part of her school day.

My baby is entering our homeschool kindergarten. As much as I've tried to ignore it, she is! Here's our homeschool kindergarten curriculum choices.

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