CuriosityStream: the Best Educational Video Streaming Ever

CuriosityStream is my favorite tool for TV learning. Good TV can be hard to find. Shows like documentaries, where my kids are learning and I’m not doing the teaching–this is a homeschool mom’s helpful sidekick!

You’re going to have those days where nothing goes right, the kids are sick, and it’s been raining for days. You’re going to want to know about CuriosityStream, especially its price! I’m going to share all the details with you here so you’re ready on your next rainy day.

And don’t forget to keep reading for my free printable list you can grab to keep track of what documentaries you don’t want to miss with your kids!

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Curiosity Stream is my best tool for learning while watching TV. I know, I know...screens are bad, fresh air is good, but when it rains for days on end, the baby won't sleep, and mama's plate is overflowing, you're going to need back up. This post shows you how to get it!

What is CuriosityStream?

CuriosityStream is a digital streaming channel that streams only one type of program…documentaries! There’s over 1500 documentaries to choose from and every one of them is quality. The topics are wide and varying as well.

CuriosityStream is like Netflix for documentaries! I know, right!? A homeschooler’s dream come true!

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Not only is the content way better than Netflix’s endless queue of mindless TV, but the price is much better as well! Plans start at just $2.99/month–no kidding!

If you’re wondering if it’s a good fit for your family, you can start a 7-day free trial today to check it out. If it’s not for you, you can cancel anytime. (But I have a feeling, you’re gonna love it!)

You can stream on your tablet, computer or, our favorite, on your smart TV.

All the documentaries are original and brilliantly done. No commercials. No ads.

Ideas for Using CuriosityStream

I’m not a big “subscription” person. (We do love Tinker Crate and Chalk Pastel Membership...but that’s about it.) BUT because of the quality Curiosity Stream offers and the awesome price, I’m going to stick with it for the long haul. We find so much benefit from it! Here’s some ways we benefit from using Curiosity Stream:

  • Rainy days
  • Adding to whatever we’re studying in science, history, or more
  • Snow days
  • Sick days
  • Days when everyone is crabby and needs distraction
  • Pursuing my kids’ interests…dogs! cats! Alexander the Great!
  • Family Movie Nights
  • “School Break” days
  • Lunchtime entertainment
  • When Mom needs to get some work of her own finished and kids need some quality entertainment

What Topics are Covered on CuriosityStream?

There’s over 1500 documentaries currently on CuriosityStream and they cover a huge amount of topics. There’s hardly been a topic I’ve searched for that I couldn’t find a documentary to go with it. Here’s some of the topics covered to give you an idea of the expanse they offer:

  • Science, for example:
    • Physics
    • Space
    • Biology
    • Medicine
  • History, like:
    • Ancient
    • Medival
    • Biographies
    • Military
  • Technology, such as:
    • Energy
    • Engineering
  • Nature, for example:
    • Earth
    • Ocean
    • Birds
    • Animals
  • Civilization:
    • Politics
    • Economics
    • Travel
  • Human Spirit, like:
    • Art
    • Music
    • Literature
    • Creativity

What are our favorite shows?

I love to rave about CuriosityStream and one question I usually get about it is: There’s so many shows, which ones are your favorites??

So I created a list for you of our family favorites and those on our watch list. You can sign up below for the free list, print it out and put it in your homeschool planner for those days you need a little help.

Download a List of CuriosityStream Favorites!

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How to Subscribe to CuriosityStream

Subscribing is super easy and you could be enjoying quality documentaries in just a few minutes. Either subscribe for just $2.99 or sign up for the 7-day free trial. That’s it! We’ve been members for years now and watch it several times a week!

Frequently Asked Questions:

  • What are your favorite shows on CS?
  • A lot of folks ask what our favorite shows are. You can download the printable list below to print and view our favorites and see what’s on our watch list.
  • Are the documentaries violent?
  • We’ve watched a lot of different documentaries and the docs from CS are certainly the most mild that we’ve seen (although we haven’t seen every documentary they offer). If you have a sensitive child, you may want to pre-watch.
  • Are there age recommendations on the documentaries?
  • There aren’t. I wish there were. Maybe that’s something they’ll be working on. Again, pre-watch if you’re worried about your child seeing something they would be sensitive to. For my kinder, I usually share all the animal docs. They are very safe for that age.
  • Does CS docs talk about evolution?
  • As with most science documentary programming, there are shows about evolution. For us, (creation-believers) we either watch something else or use it as an opening for conversation.

Download a List of CuriosityStream Favorites!

Add your email below to grab a list of our favorite shows on CuriosityStream! By clicking below, you're saying YES to getting emails from me. I promise to keep your address safe.

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Why I Love CuriosityStream

There’s been seasons in our homeschool where I feel too much weight on my shoulders. Homeschooling is such a big responsibility and sometimes it can just feel like—A LOT for mama. When I fill our home with resources that help me to feel a little less pressure in those tough seasons, I feel so much better. Surrounding myself with tools that help me feel like I have an assistant are so worth it. And that’s why I love Curiosity Stream. It’s like my little assistant I can turn on to help me out and help my kids learn–everyone wins.

They’ve also recently added a Kid’s Mode function, which grabs all the shows perfect for younger viewers, which is AWESOME!!!

Did you know there's a digital streaming network JUST for documentaries? CuriosityStream is the best tool for sneaky learning!

Check it out. I know you’re going to love it. 🙂

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  1. Would love to see your printable list of documentaries on Curiosity Stream, how do I access it? I can’t find the link here. Thanks!

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