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Chibi Chip Love to Code Starter Kit Review

If you’re looking for a coding product for your kids to learn with, this is your post. I’m super excited to share our Chibi Chip review today. You know a product is good when your kids tear into it and you hear the “oooooh’s” and “ahhhhh’s” within minutes. The biggest problem I’ve experienced with learn-to-code products for kids is that it takes FOREVER to set up and begin using. No fun for anyone–including the frustrated parent.

I’ve done a little bit of coding, just because I have a website. It’s not fun for me and I don’t have a good handle on what it all means. This is not my area of expertise to teach my kids–Chibi Chip Starter Kit is a HUGE help! Here I’m sharing what’s included in the kit, how to set it up, what we enjoyed about the kit, how you can use it in your homeschool and more!

We received Chibi Chip Started Kit from Timberdoodle Company in exchange for an honest review. 

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Chibi Chip Review–the good, better, and best things

So here’s the scoop with Chibi Chip Starter Kit. Your kit includes:

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  • micro-controller
  • electronic-to-paper connector
  • battery-powered ring binder
  • 150-page full-color book
  • programming cable
  • 2 rolls of copper tape
  • 36 white LED stickers
  • 64 conductive fabric patches
  • stencil for sketching component outlines

The ages for Chibi Chip Starter Kit are for teens, but my 10-year-old used with with almost no help from her older brothers. This was truly a family learning experience, which I love!

This kit is designed to teach the basics of coding. Your child will create projects like:

  • circuits that light up
  • switches that control lights
  • create code
  • debug code

No worries if you don’t have a computer for your kids to use, they can use this program on a smart phone. The projects are quick and simple AND some are open-ended, so kids can keep exploring directions they want to go. NO previous knowledge required.

Setting up your Chibi Chip (by Sophia-10)

Setting up Chibi Chip was easy. First I put the batteries into the book’s battery pack. Then I plugged the Chibi Chip cord to the battery pack, and the other end of the cord to the micro-controller. That’s it for set up!

The first project I did was using copper tape, LED lights, and the controller to make the lights light up. It was fun and easy!

The coolest thing I’ve done so far has been coding. I used the computer and the Chibi Chip site to code. I got stumped a couple times, but I was able to figure out where I messed up and fix it, which felt good to do!

Chibi Chip has been really fun to use this fall so far!


How you can use Chibi Chip in your homeschool

The Chibi Chip Starter kit is PERFECT for any further STEM studying you want to do. You can work alongside your child or let them run with it! I would suggest kids 12+ if you really want this to be a solo project. Younger and you will probably be helping them some, which is totally fine if this is your thing!

Here’s some other ideas for incorporating Chibi Chip into your homeschool day:

  • Set it out as a morning invitation and they can work on it while you get breakfast ready.
  • Include it as part of your Morning Meeting. 
  • Pull it out on busy days that you want your kids doing something productive, but can’t necessarily be entertaining them.
  • Plan a unit study around programming and use this as your main resource.
  • Not planning much for STEM this year? Your kids could work on this for months!

The Chibi Chip Starter Kit was a huge hit in our house–especially with my 10 and 13-year-olds. I love finding things my kids have fun working on together. I highly recommend this kit for your curious kids who love hands-on projects or Legos!


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