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7 Easy Things That Will Make Your Home Sparkle

Spring Cleaning is daunting and often makes a bigger mess than when we began. Picture this: every kitchen drawer and cupboard emptied onto the counter tops, you get interrupted by a phone call, which runs long and you have to run out to baseball practice. You get home from practice to the kitchen you’ve previously emptied and have to sift through the clutter to find something for dinner.

See? Messier.Ugh.

Let’s be smart about how we’re cleaning up our homes from the long winter.

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Cleaning our homes from top to bottom isn’t necessary to make our homes sparkle this spring. In this episode, I’m sharing some really doable and simple tasks you can knock out in just a weekend or two. Best of all, these small tasks will make a BIG impact on how your home looks for spring and summer. You’ll be ready to host your first backyard dinner party by next weekend! 

7 Easy Things That Will Make Your Home Sparkle from Over at Alicia's

Below you’ll find a list of time stamps from this episode. If you know you want to listen to a certain section, just click over to that time stamp.

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Spring Cleaning the Smarter Way

Episode 28 Timestamps

  • 3:22 – Tip 1 Rake, clear out dead plants, and clean out gutters
  • 5:07 – Tip 2 Wash your windows
  • 6:10 – Tip 3 Clean out your garage
  • 7:22 – Tip 4 Wipe things down, fill in any cracks, and touch up paint
  • 8:29 – Tip 5 Spring inventory of kids clothes
  • 9:52 – Tip 6 Open your windows
  • 10:36 – Tip 7 Check filters on air conditioning unit or heater and batteries on carbon monoxide or smoke detector
  • 12:04 – Alicia’s Currently List

Links from the Episode

Currently List

Every episode of the podcast includes a Currently List: something I’m reading or enjoying or looking forward to. Basically, anything bringing me joy that week. Here’s my currently list for episode 28.

  • Writing: Posts about traveling and homeschooling
  • Missing: Daily visits to cafes in Europe
  • Fluffing: Pillows

I just ordered these!

7 Easy Things that Will Make Your Home Sparkle from Over at Alicia's

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