Over at Alicia’s Episode One: Who We Are, at Our Core

Welcome friends! I’m SO excited to be launching a brand new project that I’ve been wanting to do for such a long time–a podcast just for YOU! This is Over at Alicia’s Episode One!!

I miss the old days of blogging sometimes. You know the ones…where we just shared mama-to-mama and things weren’t so professional??

Ya, those days!

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Well, part of the purpose behind this podcast is to sluff of the professional polish–if I even had that before–and make it more about us, the mamas. 

Get the 6 Secrets to a Simpler Mom Life

And not mama with a little ‘m,’ but YOU–a human being with real live hopes and dreams and interests that don’t always have to revolve around kids!

We’ll meet in your earbuds each Tuesday where we’ll talk about what it means to be a mom at home, creating a calm and inviting space your kids want to come home to, homeschooling, home organization, and more–all without losing ourselves in the shuffle.

Listen to Over at Alicia’s Episode One below!! And keep reading for the details I mention in this episode.

Over at Alicia’s Episode One: Who We are, at our Core

A trip down memory lane

The first house we lived in. An apartment house. We brought Noah home to this house. It actually looks better now then it did then!

My aunt’s fixer-upper. We took this picture the other day and it looks much the same. Jarrod built those window boxes. The house was painted green while we lived there.

Our first house! We loved this one. Such memories here. This picture was taken the other day, and sadly, they haven’t taken great care of it. The grass is dead and a lot of the perennials I planted are gone 🙁

But here’s what it looked like in 2011 right before we moved. She was a fun house. Read my farewell letter to our house here. 

This is the front step to our townhouse in Asheville. It was a really great space. See more of it here. 

And here’s our house now in Minnesota! Sophia really wanted a house with a chimney. It was an emotional house hunt, but I’m so happy we found a good one.

Things we loved about Asheville:


Currently…Over at Alicia’s

Each week I’m going to be sharing what’s on my Currently list. Things I’m reading, watching, enjoying, etc. Remember those posts we used to do in the blogging golden years with that whole list of Currentlies? Well, I liked it, so I’m stickin’ to it! 🙂

Here’s some old currently lists from the good ol’ days!

My Currently List for Episode One:

Reading: I Found You by Lisa Jewell

Watching: Evil Genius on Netflix

Listening to: The Penderwicks on audio

And how about YOU? What’s on your currently list? Comment below! And see you in the next episode!



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