A house update! Finally!

If there was every any doubt before, I will remind you…moving completely bites it.  Bad.  It’s no fun and I’ve felt a little twitchy and sweaty for days now, but in the end…there is a house.  My name is on the title.  And for that, I am eternally grateful. 

Whatever the hold-up was and for whatever reason, finding a house here was a headache.  It started fun enough, but after driving the five hours back and fourth between South Dakota and Minneapolis too many times to look at more and more houses, it got old in a hot minute.  We had looked at so many and by the end we had totally changed our area of focus.  It just so happened that the new area of focus included a ton of options of houses that I didn’t like.  At all.  But here’s the deal, when you need a house and you’ve looked at 84 of them, even the crusty ones you don’t really like start to look okay. 

We almost settled.  Almost.  I did one more Zillow search just a bit out of where we were currently searching…and it was there.  A house on a quiet street with wood floors and a fireplace, but best of all…a chimney. 

I know it’s weird, but it really meant a lot to me to give my girl a house with a chimney.  I’ll fill you in.  Last August, just a month before we found out we were moving to Minnesota, my girl saw a house she loved.  She loved the house, but mostly the chimney.  She wanted to be just like in the storybooks where the kids are outside playing in the snow and the smoke is coming out from the chimney behind them.  I loved that.  And I knew right then I had to find one with a chimney for her.  But I knew what she meant…it wasn’t just any chimney, but the kind that show from the exterior from top to bottom.  My Sophie know what she likes.

Since we’ve been here, the house with the chimney, we’ve discovered how really we’ve scored so awesomely where location/street/community is concerned.  There is so much to do just within a mile of our house…we hadn’t realized that when we found it.  The lakes, parks, adorable community, library, shops…it’s all within walking distance and for sure a bike ride away.  Between unpacking boxes, we made sure to spiff up our bikes and go for a few rides.

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Currently, we’re still working on everything…hanging things, finding where things go, organizing…all that.  It all still feels a little off-kilter, and I admit, with the new creaks and house noises, it doesn’t quite feel like home yet, but it will.  Every box emptied is a small victory and every nail in the wall makes it feel more like us. 

They’ll be more house posts….any maybe some project posts.  But for now, we’re settling…saving the projects for later and enjoying the normal for a while.  But, we have a house.  We have a house.


  1. So happy you are home… and that Sophie got her chimney! ❤️ xo

  2. YAY! YAY! YAY! So excited you guys found a house and that Sophie got her chimney. 😉 Thanking Jesus for caring about the details.

  3. Yay for chimneys and new homes (or, just a home period). 🙂

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