Hi there.  I bet you forgot I moved in November….but we did.  And we still haven’t made it to our new city.  We’ve been camping out at my aunt’s in South Dakota since mid-November.  Finding a house in Minneapolis was hard.  We started looking right away in November and after five attempts at getting one, we finally found the one.

I’m excited.  And tired.  And the thought of unpacking again makes me more tired.  But we’re almost home…almost. 


Tomorrow. Tomorrow.  Tomorrow we’ll be home.

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  1. Hi Alicia, I'm fairly new to your blog but I am planning to sign up for your learning well course and am looking forward to it! I am a homeschooling/work from home mom of 4, and just reading this post, realized (even more) that I can relate SO much to you. Just wanted to share. I was a mom at 19, found out I was pregnant at 18, just after high school. My oldest is a boy as well and he's been the best gift God could have ever given me. Just wanted to say from one young Mom to another, I get you, and your life sounded so similar to mine in my 20's. ๐Ÿ™‚ And congratulations on your new home, I am sure you are so excited to be settled!! ๐Ÿ™‚

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