Spending a four day weekend house shopping is not for the faint of heart.  It was a long and sometimes overwhelming weekend, but we’re one step closer to getting settled in our new city.  We saw a lot of houses in a lot of neighborhoods, but we’ve narrowed it down to three strong contenders…and we’re going to let it simmer for a couple weeks.  I think the biggest part of a big decision is knowing what you want and sticking to it.  For us, some of our house wish list items are more emotionally driven than practically driven, but they’re on the list either way and they hold just as much importance as the latter.

What we’re (or maybe just me for some of these) are looking for in a house…a home…is this:

  • sweet, charming, full of character
  • good…no, great neighborhood–a place with kids and sidewalks and friends
  • a visible chimney from the exterior–this will not only add to the charm, but was high on Sophie’s list.  Why? Because, I love how in books when they’re playing outside in the snow and the kid can see the smoke coming out the chimney..then they go inside and have hot chocolate.  I adore that she said that and that she thinks that way and I will search high and low until we get that house with a chimney.
  • three beds/2 baths…at least (practicality, people)
  • outdoor space–room for a play set or a trampoline
  • close to a main artery road for accessibility for Jarrod’s work
  • close to cool stuff–shops, restaurants, Target (duh)
  • maybe a fireplace (not a deal breaker though)

We know we’re going to be living in a smaller place than we would be in the ‘burbs, but we’re going to try this city thing for now.  We’ve done the small-South Dakota-town thing, and the townhouse in the mountains thing, we’re movin’ on to the next thing–to the city.  We’re looking forward to biking to lunch and to the lakes.  I forgot just how many lakes and parks Minneapolis has.  We’re excited for this next thing. 

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Wish us luck. 

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  1. Love this! YES stick to your guns girly- that list isn't long nor unreasonable.
    And we loved (parts of) living in an old house right in the city in Denver. And, of course, didn't love other parts so much- haha.
    Can't wait to see what you find!
    ps- A funny must have that's always on my list- "window from the kitchen to the backyard" Game changer. 😉

  2. So exciting! Good luck as you ponder your final move. That is smart taking some time to think about it…hopefully it will help weed out the winner–the meant to be home. 🙂

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