It’s been a full, fast week.  I’m working on multiple projects like school planning, school room organizing, birthday party prepping, and well, laundry.  It’s been a good week.  One of those weeks where you have a lot to show for it.  I like those.  Let’s get right to it then, my Friday Favorites.
We had a big giveaway here this week.  It was so exciting to see YOU get excited about it.  I want to put together 100 more prizes and give everyone one, but alas–I must put gas in my car instead.  Donna E, you lucky duck.  I emailed you–way to go, girl.

Still enjoying summer.

We’re sensing a shift in the seasons.  Well, more I guess sensing a shift in our friends.  School starts here in a just a couple of weeks.  Target’s Back-to-School aisles are not-so subtle clues that fall is coming.  We start school after Labor Day every year though, so we have a good three weeks of summer left.  The popsicles are still in the freezer, the noodles are still in their proper places next to the door ready to run to the pool at a moment’s notice.  We’re still moving slowly–on summer’s time.
My camper. 

Noah’s been gone all week at church camp.  It’s weird not being in any contact with him for that long.  We’ll go pick him up this morning.  It’s time for our family to be six again.
School planning.

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I still have so much to do…SO much to do.  But at least my planner is ready and my curriculum list is almost complete.  Now to order it all! If you missed it, I posted a video blog about my planner earlier this week.  This week I picked up a cheapy bookshelf at Goodwill and I’m in the process of de-uglifying it.  This Saturday I’ll be fluffing our school room and getting it all ready.  How’s your school planning going?? I’m feeling behind, but what’s new 😉
Birthday planning.

My little Jack will be N I N E this week.  How, I don’t know!? He’s going to be camping all weekend, so we’re just doing a simple little pool party on Sunday night.  He’s got a fun few days planned and we can’t wait to celebrate our little guy.  Yesterday I made a piñata for him.  It was actually really fun and super easy.  I’ll try to share a tutorial next week.
Pages. Pages. Pages.
I’ve been working all week on my blog pages at the top of my blog.  I’m not done yet, but I’m so happy to get some of them done! I’ll keep updating throughout next week.  Go have a look! Here’s the pages I’ve been working on: PARTIES, PHOTOGRAPHY, SCHOOL.
Storybook Dreams.

The other night we went to a pool party.  We got out of the car and Sophie gasped at this house (it was for sale, by the way).  She loved the shutters, the curved sidewalk to the door, the painted brick (ok, that one was me), but mostly: the chimney. 

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This girl raves about chimneys.

That one is a great chimney.

That one is a little too small.

She loves them.  She’s never been able to pinpoint to me what it is she loves till that day we stared at this one together.

I want a chimney like that on our house someday.  I love how in books the kids are playing outside in the snow and there’s smoke coming out of the chimney.  I really like that. I just want to be like that.

It’s a good enough reason for me to add that to the top of our house search requirements.  We all have a storybook dream.  Certain illustrations draw us in and we don’t forget.  It’s been a long time, a really long time of compiling dreams of home.  It will not be so someday soon.  I hope.  “Home” has been such a difficult subject for us for the last three years, but we’ve learned to love our temporary townhome even if it wasn’t what we planned on-at all. I want to be like Helen Keller says, “Be happy with what you have while working for what you want.”

But I can assure you, when home comes, it will have a chimney–just for her.

Off to live like Helen Keller today, enjoying A N D working.  Don’t you just love that?

Happy weekend.


  1. Yay for birthdays and a summer that lasts through labor day and a daughter who knows about HOME. 🙂

    I especially like that Helen Keller quote you shared at the end. I'm writing that one down!

  2. That's so sweet….and that's a beautiful house! I bought your planner and I love it. I am super behind but we don't start until after Labor Day either and I am only planning for one since our second will be attending a two day a week private homeschool program at a Christian school while I homeschool my youngest full time through the same charter we have been homeschooling through the whole time. I have been designing some homeschool prints and they've been selling like crazy in my Etsy shop so school is definitely in the air! I am excited for fall but don't want summer to end. It's a conundrum 😉 Hooe the rest of yours is great!

  3. We build pinatas for every birthday here too. Im half-latin and its to be expected. Except we make them the night and day before to make it really stressful or really we are just procrastinators. 🙂 Cant wait to see the finished project.

  4. I can't believe I have been following your blog for 3 years! You have been through so many ups and downs since I have followed you! I pray this reality of a home with a chimney for Sophie and you comes true very soon!!

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