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The “School To Do” list received a grandiose checkmark this weekend as I put the last nail in the wall in our school room.  Among other things, I worked on getting our school space ready for the new year.  Sorting through huge portfolios of wall posters and maps to hang, tweaking and adjusting, opening new packages of school supplies, smelling the pencil dust as we sharpen–I imagine it’s a little euphoric for public and homeschool teachers alike.  We dig that stuff. 
I’m going to show you around our school space.  We’ve done this all ways; designated schoolroom and schooling at the dining room table.  I tend to go back to the designated room, fortunate enough to have the choice of devoting a whole room to school.  Since I’m prone to wig out over too much clutter, and homeschooling tends to come with quite a bit of that, I like the idea of having a designated school space, although we do end up doing school at the table sometimes still. 
This year we’re in our family room, just like last year.  Except this year I have all the school things situated on one end of the room, sectioning our long family room into “play area/game area” and “school area.”  I like it.  Here goes: 

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The new (old) bookcase (see below) and the easel (IKEA) create the “room” while its still open enough to feel large and airy.  The play area is for playing games and watching TV and I’m hoping Vera will take advantage of this area while we do school this year. 

Last year, each kiddo had their own little desk, but I felt like the boys needed a little bit larger space this time.  Since we are renting, I didn’t want to buy any furniture that was too space-specific, so I tried to use things we already had and/or really cheap stuff to create our school room this year.  For the boys, I used a table from the garage we use for parties (we have two so it worked great).  Since they are pretty blah, I found some oilcloth at JoAnn’s and simply duct taped it to the top.  Easy peasy. 

The bookshelf was a little more involved, but I love how this boring ol’ thrift shop find got a little cuter.

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The new bookshelf will house our everyday books and workbooks.  I am still waiting on lots of things to come in the mail, so it will not look this empty for long.  I may add some toys for Vera as well.  The bottom shelf has a basket for our current history and science books and since the boys don’t have their own desks now, they’ll keep their things here too.

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On the opposite wall is Sophia’s desk and our new art wall, which I’m pretty excited about.

My favorite art is Kid Art.  I love the freedom of it.  We’ve created some great art together so we had to have an art wall.  I found this shelf at Goodwill for $5 and rearranged our art wall from last year to spruce it up a bit.  The letters are from JoAnn’s and covered with yard (warning: a verrrrrrry time consuming projet, but also pretty therapeutic.)  You can look through our ART section to see some of the projects we’ve done (I’m working on our ART section under the PROJECT page above.) 
Getting the schoolroom ready always gets me so much more excited for school.  I still have to organize the bookshelves and buy some more supplies, but it’s shaping up and I’m getting itchy for the first day! 

A lot of what we have in our schoolroom has been gathered over the six years of homeschooling, but here’s a resource list of links to some of the things we use in our (or very similar items):
I’m excited to be linking up to iHomeschool Network’s Schoolroom link up today.  Can’t wait to see everyone’s spaces! 


  1. your magnetic map looks like you can actually put your state magnets–like the ones you find at truck stops, etc–on it!!!

    we collect those magnets for every state we've been to…any chance of getting you to look at the map and try to find the maker/website?

    if you come up with it, i'd LOVE it if you'd email me…especially as we'll be covering a bunch of new states on our september SD vacay!!!


  2. Love the art wall! It is so fun!!

    I have two shelves that I am planning on refinishing…I love the flash cards on the back! Such a great idea!

  3. It looks lovely. Now, you just need to get started. We get going in a couple weeks-yikes! Not ready yet!


  4. What a cute idea to line the bookcase with flashcards!! Have a great school year:-)

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