Even though I fell out of practice a bit with the whole baby thing between Sophia and Vera, some things just stick.  It seems like with motherhood we somehow to remember to repeat what works and ditch what doesn’t–no matter the gap between our kids, no matter how many we have.  For me, there are the not-quite-so-important things like thumb-sucking and bottle drinking and then there’s the biggies like naptime, bath before bed, and comfortable clothing.

There are so many great baby clothing companies out there, but I like to keep things simple.  The clothes I buy our kids have to be durable, comfortable, washable, and versatile.  When it comes to the shoes I put on Vera, these are all especially true.  Before my babies walked, I didn’t put shoes on them besides soft moccasin shoes.  I loved the way the mocs let their feet move and bend but still provided some extra padding.  I so wish I would have had the option of Freshly Picked moccasins when my other kids were babies and toddlers–because Vera is digging hers, a lot.

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Our weekend was full; tons of errands, coffee with friends, birthday prepping, birthday partying, hanging out with friends, and hiking.  Vera wore her Freshly Picked moccasins everywhere.  Here’s why I love them:
-They don’t fall off–never. Nothing is more frustrating when you’re out and about, in a hurry and you put the baby in the carseat and one shoe is missing.  These moccs have elastic that tightly holds them in place but still stretches with their feet.  Two shoes are always better than one.
-She walks (and runs) with ease.  We were inside and outside and everywhere these last three days and she was never slowed down by shoes falling off or slipping. 
-Every outfit was finished off by these mossy green cutie moccs.  Freshly Picked has a ton of colors to choose from and they are all very versatile.  These little green ones went with skirts, jeans, shorts, and leggings all weekend.  Love that.
-Sweet smelling footsies.  Yes, they smell like leather.  Do these come in adult sizes?
-I can save these to pass down to nieces OR nephews.  Yep, they’re perfectly unisex, which is awesome.

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Here’s the thing; I was given a pair of Freshly Picked moccasins to review, but all the opinions written here are my own.  I would never recommend a product here that I don’t already love and enjoy.  If you don’t already have a pair of Freshly Picked’s for your toddler, I hope you’ll go check out their website, but there’s so many options–good luck choosing one.  I’m also so excited that FP has offered to giveaway a pair of their moccs to you sweet people.  There’s several ways to sign up, the more ways the better chances for you!  Giveaway ends Friday, so hustle up!
Bottom line, these shoes are so amazing for toddlers.  They can move, play, run, toddle, unroll a roll of toilet paper in seconds flat–all in their cute little moccs.  Vera approves and so does mama.

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  1. My favorite clothing items are the white onesies. I put them under every outfit. It protects the clothes from when baby has a blowout! 🙂

  2. Jeggins. My kiddo's are always alittle too hefty for traditional jeans, they like the stretch in the jeggings and I like the look. Win Win.

  3. Plain white onesies. It's been awhile since baby season but I use to love freezer stenciling on them. Would love to give these cute mocs as a baby gift!

  4. My favorite baby clothing items are onesies – I love how convenient they are. As for the moccasins, I'm loving the weathered brown and stone suede colors.

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