The word on the street is that next week is Shark Week.  I’ve never been one to pass up non-holiday celebrations so this is no exception.  When I mentioned that next week was Shark Week, the responses were, “What!? Wow!!” and then, “what do we do??”
Well kids, since we’re not going to the beach this week, and even if we were we’d probably try to not see sharks, we’ll celebrate with books, art, and maybe a fun documentary.  Oh and maybe those blue gummy fish that come in bags.  Those could pass as sharks.
We started yesterday with the art part.  We’re ahead of the game.  Apparently we’re really pumped about sharks.

My kids love…love chalk pastels.  They are super messy but a little extra clean up is worth it.  Unless they touch the white chairs, then I start to second guess myself.  We’ve worked with chalk pastels quite a bit, like HERE and HERE.  Yesterday we used a new book on drawing sharks I got recently. You can get more information about the art curriculum we used yesterday and there’s also a video tutorial on drawing sharks with chalk pastels.

Their favorite part is blending together two colors.  The edges are always so soft, and I love that.  Even their sharks are kinda softies.  Kid art is my favorite, and I especially love their chalk art.  These sharks will definitely be saved for a long time.
I did find a couple of documentaries on Netflix that seem to be kid-friendly.  Another idea I had was making these cupcakes I made for Jack’s birthday a few years ago.

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Any other fun ideas for shark week? We’d love to hear them 🙂

Shark Art Tutorials

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  1. Alicia your artists painted some fearsome and beautiful sharks! What a joy to see each and every photo and to hear how your children love to blend chalk colors. Thanks SO much for sharing the fantastic fins and resources!

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