With every birthday I can’t help pushing my eyebrows together in confusion as to how my kids got that big.  Last Thursday was no different with my baby girl.  She’s seven and I don’t know how, but I love it.  I see so much goodness coming with ‘seven.’  She’s growing up into such a little lady.  She confides in me and asks a million questions a day.  We’re tipping our hat to you, Seven, you are one of our favorites.
Celebrating birthdays during this weird time of in-between homes and without Daddy has definitely been harder.  My kids miss their North Carolina friends.  Birthdays with them was so simply and cool.  Since we lived in a self-proclaimed ‘commune,’ it was a matter of sending my kids outside with a handful of invitations.  They would return empty-handed and full of smiles because, of course, they would all be there.
It’s different here now.  We’re moving, but we’re not quite moved yet.  Sophia has had the most difficult time of my kids with this move.  She misses her friends something fierce.  But with her lemons I squeezed out some pretty sweet lemonade last week.  With a house full of family and strict instructions from me to act like little kiddies, we rocked out one of the most fun parties we’ve had to date.
I give you, our Cupcake Party.

We set up an “Apron Decorating” station with plain canvas aprons and fabric markers for everybody to decorate an apron.  I loved how Grandpa and Uncle got so into it too.  Grandmas and brothers made some creative aprons and Sophia was so happy to have all the artist companions.


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Jack is obviously really enjoying fractions in math right now.

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My mother-in-law is a cake decorator by trade.  She’s been making cakes since before I was born! She brought over her frosting bags and tips and showed everyone how to create beautiful flowers and swirly frosting.  I have to say, we came up with some pretty amazing creations.

This truly was one of our favorite parties.  So much hands-on going on and everyone was so involved.  The baker’s hats helped a lot too. 
Happy Bakers…

Happy birthday, my sweet seven-year-old.


  1. Where did you find the hats and aprons? I'd love to do this for my "big" girl! Thanks! 🙂

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