Currently…A Happy Day Post

Did you wonder where I was yesterday?
I know Wednesdays are usually Happy Days, but I just couldn’t get a post done. We were busy until 10pm on Tuesday night and the last 10 days have been nothing but run and rush, so I postponed Happy Day til today. Hope you weren’t all sad yesterday because of it.

Before we get to the challenge, I felt it was completely necessary to share my current situation with you…plus I just love posts like this.


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Sipping on coffee…first cup. Joy.

Thankful for friends, books, my husband’s job, answered prayer, the hope of a prayer list, and long talks with my sweet little brother.

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Enjoying my dining room table, the homemade table runner on it, and the old fans, hydrangeas, and metal tray on top. (Don’t you wish I would have taken a picture? :))

Reading A Secret Kept by Tatiana de Rosnay. Not my favorite book of hers. Almost done, then I think I shall read To Kill a Mockingbird…it’s been too long.

Excited for  LOTS of books to start arriving in the mail soon! I got all my books ordered for school. After they get here, I’ll start planning an outline of my next school year.

Also excited for summer guests!!!!!!!

Relieved to have a new (to me) car. One car is just not as much fun as two. I ran pointless errands yesterday just to cruise a little bit. It was awesome.

Needing time to work on my (very tiny) Summer line for my shop, organize some things, do some art projects with the kids, and work on my blog look a little bit.

Wanting a  cinnamon roll. Preferably the Pioneer Woman sort.

Desperately missing my camera. She’s been at the spa for over a week and it could still be another TWO weeks. They were really backed up when I dropped her off, but she needed a cleaning so bad. Turns out sand inside your camera is a bad thing. I’m feeling almost jittery without it though. I find myself reaching for it, then I start sweating. Desperately missing.

Watching nothing. All my (two) shows are over for the season. Mad Men was sort of a disappointment til the end of the season, then they got better. I’m waiting for Downton Abbey and The Killing to get their second seasons on Netflix.

Fixin’ to wake up Sophia to get her ready for camp, go workout, and slllooooow down a little bit. I just feel like these last 10-12 days have been rushed, rushed, rushed. My kids can feel it too. We’re all over it. Time to slow up the time train a little bit. (can you believe I just said “fixin’ to”???!!!)

Listening to Brandi’s new album, Bear Creek. I just love that girl. If I could trade pipes with anyone, it would be her…or maybe Florence…but probably Brandi. Who doesn’t want to have a little yodel in their voice??!!

Also missing my brother. I love him. He’s such a cool guy.

Ignoring the laundry room, the checkbook with receipts bulging out, and the garage with STUFF everywhere.

Content with some unknowns in our life. I feel ok about not knowing everything. Peace like a river, y’all.

Happy Day Challenge a Summer fun list…you know you want one.

That’s right, your challenge for this week is make your SUMMER FUN LIST!!!! You can do it on paper, a chalkboard, or paint it on the wall…if you’re seriously hardcore summer lovers.

On our list this year:
-berry picking
-Gem Mountain
-Lemonade stand
-Making popcicles
-Making an outdoor kitchen
-Read our summer reading lists
-See Brave!
-Build a go-kart
-Do 10 crafts
-Go swimming

What’s on your summer list??
Write a post about it and link up next Wednesday. Don’t forget to add my button from the sidebar, if you would. If you already posted about your list, just link it up anyway…La Famille Blog does not age discriminate against ages of posts…link up last year’s for cryin’ out loud…I don’t mind!

I’m interested to see if you made a plan or a health goal? Excited to read yours…link ‘er up below!


  1. oh dear, I think I did this all wrong … was this supposed to be a healthy link up? I linked up my summer list … but maybe that was supposed to be next week? Sorry! LOL


  2. New cars are always fun- Congrats –although I love not having one right now!! I need to get on our summer bucket list! Thanks for the inspiration:)

  3. I'm going to make a summer list, that's such a great idea, we just don't seem to do that in England. Oh and I love lemonade stands! something else we just don't do here. Hmphh, thinking I may just have to move to the States! Think I'll join you reading To Kill a Mockingbird, my fave book and perfect summer reading. Enjoy x

  4. Peace like a river, y'all. I LOVE IT! I am gonna steal that one.
    Jealous that you don't have to drive a mini-van.
    Pretty awesome summer list too! I actually did this one already. YAY!

  5. what a blessing to have things checked off your list.
    like car shopping…HOORAY!!! you're free! ๐Ÿ™‚
    my daughter came in and saw that picture and thought it was the cutest.
    we HAVE to make a summer list!
    that would be so cool and my kids would love it! yours looks wonderful!
    i sorta want to go kayaking??? not sure why, but i just do. ๐Ÿ™‚
    and i'm ignoring my laundry room, too. ๐Ÿ˜‰

  6. I did miss you yesterday! I thought about emailing, but didn't want to be a weirdo:) Glad you are back and going to get some relax time. I can DEFINITELY relate to running around like crazy and needing a BREAK! And how excited for the new to you wheels:) I would have done the same thing, crusing around just because. And did you test out the speakers? PLaying the music loud? Yeah, I thought so:)
    Your summer fun list is TOO ADORABLE! Seriously, how are you so creative! And I'm VERY interested to see how the outdoor kitchen turns out. Anything specific in mind?

  7. Spooky! Driving home with my husband just now I spoke with him about how we need to think up fun things to do during the summer holidays. I open your post and this is your happy day.
    Makes me happy knowing I'm doing something right as a mum!
    Enjoy the new wheels and the slower pace.

  8. I was wondering about you yesterday- thank you for the little catch up on life. And let's just yell it now- YAHOO for a NEW CAR and it's not a MINIVAN! Yabba Dabba Doo!!!!
    I am SO excited to see what you're gong to create with all that yummy fabric.
    And SO happy that you're swimming in the peace river- so much enjoyable right?
    Have a delightful day! Are you going to create more errands just so you can drive around? I totally would!
    Love you friend!

  9. love that you are experiencing peace like a river. that is such an improvement to the lack of normalcy you were feeling earlier. God is GOOD! i don't make summer lists. i should. maybe i will. need to brainstorm with the kiddos while we are flying home. i bet they have some stuff they might like to do.

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