It was just high time for one of those posts, don’t you think? Currently, in my current situation, the following is currently happening….
Loving catching moments like this one with Vera and her big brothers and sis. They all love her so much. Its beyond sweet to witness.
Eating easy summer meals, fresh fruit and veggies, and light and easy foods. I made the walking tacos (above) and posted it on instagram and low and behold, no one barely knew what the heck a walking taco was. If you have questions about this supposed mystery meal, let me know…we’ll chat.
I also made Pioneer Woman’s bbq chicken pizza. I died and went to homemade pizza heaven.

 Enjoying a new cozy little space I created on the balcony. This is such a sweet little spot in our house…perfect for coffee, birdwatching, and reading.


Waiting for my cold brew coffee to get done brewing today. Its been sitting on my counter for almost 24 hours….today is the day for my first homemade cold coffee. I have the recipe here although I don’t really blend mine anymore but drink it over ice.
Sipping on coffee right now…mojitos at night. Happy summer!!

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Hoping to win a set of Adirondack chairs at Meg Duerksen’s blog!!! 
Loving this quiet week while the boys are at day camp. Sophie and I have done crafts and she’s helped me a lot. Its nice to spend one on one time with your kids once in a while. Yes, Vera’s here but she’s in her own world pretty much. 🙂
Annoyed by squirrels on our bird feeder. I just bought a new one and there are two squirrels that just will not leave it alone!! I’m afraid they’re going to knock it down and break it. Gotta figure out a way to get rid of them….

Smiling at little handmade cards leftover from Father’s Day festivities last weekend. I love how kids love.

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Feeling groggy. I worked on house projects till 11pm while Jarrod got the baby to bed. Then I read till about 12:30am. Then Vera woke up at 6am and I fell asleep while feeding her and didn’t wake up again till 9am. So…I’m groggy.

Thankful for a baby that sleeps all night. Most nights we lay her down around 11pm and she’s asleep until 8am or so. Soooo thankful for that. The sleepiness part of having a baby makes life so much harder. I feel like we’re establishing some sort of a routine and it feels so good.

Reading Lady Almina and the Real Downton Abbey…but I just got done with Call Me Zelda and it made me love Zelda Fitzgerald…a sort of sad, sympathetic love, but love all the same.  She lead an amazing and crazy life as the wife of a famous author. I found out that she actually died while she was hospitalized here in Asheville!!! I am waiting for a free minute when I can do some exploring on the north end of town and see some Fitzgerald history. I’ll let you know what I find out…

Listening to…well right this very second its Little Bear on Nickelodeon. But if its not that, its been a lot of Madelyn Peroux radio on Pandora while I’m in the kitchen or a lot of Kings of Leon radio while I’m working on projects.
Working on a LOT of projects. Painting, organizing, rearranging…more on alllll that tomorrow.

What about you? What’s one of your currentlies? 


  1. Currently…

    I'm purging this house preparing for the garage sale of the century!

    I'm a little freaked out that I'm celebrating 22 years of marriage with my man tomorrow! By the grace of God, we are still going strong. We married when I was 18. I'm 40 now. We have literally grown up together. I love him.

    Wishing I could come drink coffee and mojitos on your adorable balcony.

    Listening to VBS praise music preparing to lead our little darlings next week.

    Getting ready to take the kiddos for doughnuts before we head to Target for the essentials, like toilet paper.

    Drooling over the sweet shot of your little man and Vera…and LOVING her name.

    Have a great weekend!

  2. I CANNOT believe you know who Madelyn Peroux is!?!?' More proof that you totally rock. She is one of my very favorites. Okay now that my geek out moments over:::

    Currently I'm–
    Reading Wuthering Heights
    Up to my knees in cardboard boxes and packing tape
    Enjoying weekly pool meets with gal pals and kiddos (and there's guacamole..lots of guacamole)

    Happy weekend:)

  3. I need a project too! And I love the sitting area on your balcony. My front porch should be my project. But I have dogs, who think they need to sit on human seats, sigh.

    You can definitely share about the walking tacos!

  4. welllllll, currently i'm feeling hungover from getting to bed so late every night from VBS, babysitting home sick little ones, sucking down coffee FAST!
    also, GLORYing in the fact that several kids got saved last night….AMAZING!
    finally, wishing i was drinking some of your iced goodness, hanging out with you.
    i need a project. i feel the itch, BAD!

  5. So many things happening in your neck of the woods! Not sure if it's helpful, but we had a squirrel problem with our birdfeeder too. We found one that closes when the weight of the squirrel is on it… They figured out quick that they wouldn't get any more food from it 🙂 Glad you're enjoying summer!

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