Goals are Good

A couple weeks ago, I came across this post. I loved it. I miss goals. I thrive on goals.  Having a baby can really mess with your routine, which is all good because this time is short and there are certain times which call for an upset in routine. Sometimes though, the lack of routine can drag on and all the sudden you realize you’re not being very intentional about anything.

I feel effective in the summer. With the break from school I usually have more time to do some things I’ve been meaning to do. I have a lot of things I want to organize and get ready before we (hopefully) move. So I have a list of “areas to organize,” another list of “projects to do,” and a little list of things I want to work on with each of my kids this summer.

So each week I’m focusing on my daily essentials. Also, each week I’m setting a goal of a project to do, and area to organize, and something for each kid.

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And since I know there’s at least one or two of you that are as psycho as me about snooping on other people’s lists, I’ll share some of my summer goals….

-Vera’s Smashbook
-Vera’s memory boxes (I have a super fun idea and I can’t wait to get this done and share it!!)
-Catch up on our 2013 photobook
-Make rugby stripe pillows for living room
-Make pink linen pillows for Sophie’s bed

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-kids’ toys and purge
-all homeschool books and papers
-all my craft stuff
-my closet and clothing

Kid Goals:
-Jack: practice math facts every week
-Noah: help establish a quiet time routine with daily bible reading
-Sophia: practice sight words and work on reading
-Jack and Sophia: learn to tie shoes (ya, they don’t know how to do that. #momfail)
-Sophia: learn to ride her bike without training wheels
-All kids: read 2-3 classics together over the summer

So there ya go…my summer goals. Do you have a list? What’s on it?


  1. this is so totally my nature.
    after the shop is caught up and i am controlling IT — i am doing the same things.
    i too…feel better in the summer wtihout school. PLUS it is lighter earlier and longer
    love ya!!

  2. Sounds good! We sat down with the kids before school let out and made some goals. My 9 year old son is not too excited about the learning during summer thing, but he'll get over it. ๐Ÿ˜‰ Someone shared a tip with us when our kiddos were learning to ride their bikes without training wheels. Take one side off and let them ride it that way for a little while. They basically teach themselves to ride the bike without training wheels! Worked like a charm for our kiddos. Good luck! Have a great summer! ๐Ÿ™‚

  3. We just finished Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban so the boys decided they wanted to make a summer reading list. We started off with Peter Pan. They are loving it. Farmer boy, treasure island, how to train your dragon, and the magicians nephew are all on the list also. Man I love summer!! How much longer until you move?? We are just about two weeks out…

  4. well, crap. i didn't even just have a baby and i'm still behind on this. sheesh! my goal…make summer goal list! ha!

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