Fabric Barrettes {a quickie tutorial}

I did a quick project last week…first one in fooorrrevvverrrrr!! It felt good and fun and creative to do a quick little project. I made a whole set of 6 or so fabric barrettes in about 30 minutes. You can’t beat that.  So you should know what I did…
To make your very own fabric barrettes, you need very little. AND this is a great project for getting rid of some of those little scraps you’ve been saving. 

First take a piece of your fabric, fold in half the long way, and trim into a rectangle shape so you have enough sewing space on all sides. 

So then take your sewing scissors and cut a little slit about an inch inwards for the back of the barrette to go through.

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Fold it back up and use your pinking shears to trim at the very edge all the way around. Then sew on three sides, leaving the end where you cut the slit open to slip the barrette in there. 

Then sew up that last side and you’re done! The back will look like this…

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So fun, huh?!? Love fun little projects like this :)


  1. You are so good!! Not only did you do your project, but you actually got around to blogging about it. I am really bad at that part. I just cant seem to get both done. lol–

  2. DUDE! I love these. And I've always wanted to make some of these little barrettes. And they are dumb.simple. Fast. Achievable.

    Thank you for sharing.

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