Daily Essentials in My Home

After having a baby some things in your home obviously get pushed aside simply because there’s less time to get them done.  BUT there’s a few things that I’ve been a firm believer in for years that help my home feel a little less messy and a little more orderly….๏ปฟ
1. Clutter Clearing…everyday (it usually seems to happen in the afternoon). All the main areas; kitchen counters, the entryway and living room surfaces all get decluttered at least once a day. That’s not to say there’s no clutter anywhere else, but at least these areas are neat and tidy. I have major issues when everything starts getting all jumbled up…it doesn’t sit well with me.

 2. I make my bed everyday. It takes like all of 20 seconds and looks sooo much better. Also, my bedroom is right off the main living area in my house so I’d literally be looking at an unmade bed all day…so I make it. This is essential. My kids also know to make their beds everyday too.  As young as four they were doing this and I’m so happy that they do this well…now if I could teach them how to tie their shoes…..
3. Night time ritual…every night I make sure stuff is ready for the next day. I don’t spend a whole lot of time, but just look over my calendar, make the coffee so its ready to go, clear off the counters one more time if I need to, and make sure they kitchen is clean. There’s nothing worse than waking up to a mess.๏ปฟ

4. Dishes…this is another nightly thing I guess, but I put all the dishes away before bed.  Start the day out with a clean slate and a clean sink ๐Ÿ˜‰
5. A daily load of laundry….almost every weekday, unless its a really super crazy day I do a load of laundry. Its not always a huge load, but even so I feel like its so much more manageable when I do a little everyday than 16 huge loads all at once.๏ปฟ
6. My purse…unless I don’t leave the house, I declutter my bag every day. Seriously this thing gets so full of receipts, snacks, diapers, and other junk. I feel like I can find things easier when I go places and its so much easier if I just do a quick 30 second declutter everyday.
That’s my daily essential list. Everything else in my home might be total chaos, but at least I feel like I’ve kept a few things in line, which usually makes everything seem better.
What’s on your daily essential list?

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  1. Your list reads much like mine! I vacuum daily but that's because I have one hairy dog! ๐Ÿ™‚ And wipe out the bathroom sinks/add fresh towels. I cannot function in a mess or chaos.

  2. I do almost all of those things too, well, except the purse…this momma starts to feel super grumpy when there is stuff everywhere. And I CANNOT focus when things are a mess. My ADD side kicks into high gear when it's like that, lol! But as for my purse…well, that I need to take a lesson from you and do every day! =)

  3. Okay, you are a girl after my own heart! I do nearly every one of those things every single day as well!!! I hate starting the day already feeling behind. I run the dishwasher at night though and unload it in the morning during breakfast. Great list!!

  4. hmmm….my essential list
    i don't have one….LOL
    i fly by the seat of my pants which i HATE
    working on one right now. getting dead serious with this business thing. has taken over my life and i want it back PLUS getting all healthy and stuff really rocks….:)
    hugs….LOVE your essential list used to be mine when my kids were younger. all downhill now that they are teens…gosh i crack myself up!

  5. Yep, we have the same brain. ๐Ÿ™‚ I say that a lot don't I? I have all the same daily routines- except cleaning out my purse. But luckily our list has us do it on Wednesdays. ๐Ÿ™‚ But . . . . . I haven't printed the list in 2 weeks. Um . . . yea.

  6. My Essentials are similar: All beds made, dishes cleaned & put away, kitchen and living room picked up. With 5 teens, I have lots of hands to make this pretty easy {in theory at least}.

  7. I'm with you on the bed making. I make my bed every day too and then straighten my baby boys crib. My older two children know how to make their own beds too (since they were 2 they would work on it but now they don't need any help.) And every night I wash the dishes and clean the kitchen. You and I have so much in common!! And congrats on Vera…she is such a cutie pie. I'm jealous of her hair ๐Ÿ™‚

  8. oh Lord. I think I need you and Mary to both come to my house and help me organize it– along with my LIFE. please and thank you. i love all of theses daily essentials in theory, i really need to start putting some into practice. dying just a little bit over the matching girly outfits too…and the bottles? man i hated washing those things but it kinda gives me the baby itch at the same time : )

  9. I can't stand clutter as well! The more there is the more jumbled my brain gets. I can see my sink of dirty dishes from where I sit , so I am thinking I should probably start getting those done the night before too. When my kids go to bed, I am so ready to as well though . Cute purse btw.

  10. we are SO similar!
    i can't stand clutter, so by afternoon, i'm usually tidying up and purging.
    also, i CANNOT go to bed without the dishes washed.
    it may have been 11:45 pm last night, but i woke up to a clean kitchen!
    that's essential for me.

  11. I also love the matching outfits. I thought the baby was a baby doll at first. But then I noticed the wonderful crazy hair! She is so cute and tiny. I try to do the same things every day, too. I seriously need to do some major decluttering and throwing away in some areas right now. I don't like clutter either.

    Out of curiosity, how do you carry your camera when you go places? I just got my first DSLR.

  12. I do things very much like you….
    declutter in the afternoons…straighten and tidy the spaces around us…especially the family room and foyer, where everything is usually dumped.

    It's something I've always had the kids help me with right before Andy gets home..not because he requires it but because I want him to come home to peace and calm.

    When are y'all moving? getting excited?? can't wait for you!

  13. Good list. I need to crack down on the "make sure the kitchens clean because who wants to wake up to a mess." I agree 100% with this:) we are about to move so its making it a little difficult to be as organized as I'd like…soon though. Speaking of moving congrats on all the good news with homes and jobs:) I'm happy Asheville gets to keep ya;)

  14. uh the matching little outfits had me at hello. sweetness. my daily essentials right now is brushing my teeth and maybe getting yesterday's dishes washed. can't wait to slow down and do NOTHING;) need the rain to stop too. want to use that pool!

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