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I pretty much love these lists.  Or any list for that matter.  It’s good to take stock of things every once in a while.  Here goes:

Making :  plans for the weekend
Cooking :  ugh…isn’t that the million dollar question
Drinking : coffee…always coffee
Reading: The King’s Curse by Phillipa Gregory…not on my book list
Wanting:  a few hours in a cutesy coffee shop…alone
Looking: for my Chapstick
Playing: Making 10’s…Saxon Math people, you might know what I’m taking about
Wasting:  water…long showers are my spa treatments these days
Sewing: nothing…dang it
Wishing:  I never had to go to the grocery store again
Enjoying:  this free schedule…nowhere to go really…lots of reading, fires, and enjoying my babies
Waiting:  for the bank to OK our offer on our house!
Liking: Instagram vintage kids’ clothes sales
Listening: Clair de Lune (my most favorite classical piece ever)
Wondering: when it will blizzard
Loving: my banker
Hoping: I can finish everything I need to finish this month
Marvelling: at how my kids love me so well
Needing:  more sleep
Smelling: dishwasher soap
Watching: Downton Abbey
Wearing: comfies
Following:  the lesson planner
Noticing:  new words from Vera every day
Knowing:  it all turns out in the end
Thinking: about running tomorrow morning around the lake
Bookmarking: THIS fun project
Opening: Amazon boxes…school books!
Giggling: at my brother’s sass mouth
Feeling: displaced but okay

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