I love you guys.  I just really do.  You’ve stuck with me this year when the sticking wasn’t very good.  You’ve listened to me hash out things and organize things and simplify things.  You’ve left me the sweetest notes and comments and helped me feel better about what I was doing here on the web.  And for that, I thank you.

While I know a lot of bloggers are really great at Google analytics and checking what’s trending on their blogs and where their traffic is coming from, I’m just not very good about that.  So it was really fun for me to look back at what posts you guys loved on Investing Love this year.  Some of your responses surprised me! The following is a list of 15 posts from this year that received the most traffic:

15. Whole 30 Menu Plan 
The paleo/whole 30 trend is HUGE right now! I’ve done this challenge a couple of times and feel so much better when I’m eating this way.  Someone should have reminded me of this before we moved across the country, became gypsies, and threw our health out the window…ten pounds later, here I am looking at this post like, “wow, who is this person??” Well, it’s me, and thank you, readers, for reminding me that I’m in there somewhere, really wanting to be healthy. Sigh.

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14. Roaring 20’s Photoshoot
I am so glad you loved this post because I LOVED this post! Love these photos.  Love these kids.  Love dressing them up and pretending we’re making a movie or some crazy thing.  Anyway, I never want to stop doing this dress-up/Halloween photoshoots.  Never.

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13. House Wish List 
Well ya, we’re buying a house.  Deep sigh. The one we chose is a short sale, so I’m sure I’ll be 40 before we move it, but the thought of a house is sure exciting! Also, it’s none of these.  We’ve looked at around 50 homes and it’s not been as fun as I’d hoped, but I’m really excited about the one we may get…crossing my fingers!! I typed up a list of quirky little things are that important to what we want in a house.  Not size really, just a chimney and some character. 

12. Back to Routine: Fall Plan 
Ahhh, you love a plan as much as me! See? This is why I love you.  This is my fall routine/plan that I post about back at the beginning of the school year.  We’ve since moved and this plan as gone to pot, but we’re starting school again today and it feels all fresh and new again.  I’ll be posting on our new plan this week.

11. Kids + Chores
This post was part of my Home + School: Organized series back in October.  I would love for you to check out that page, by the way, since I just updated it and I think it happens to look pretty darn good.  Anyway, back to chores, this was all about having those kids pitch in so we mamas aren’t left doing every darn thing ourselves. 

10. How to Plan Your School Year
Again, with the planning, people…you are my faves! This was a post all about how I plan our school year.  (said Captain Obvious)  I give little tidbits here and there and give you a peek into my organization ebook!

9. Taking Stock: December
This was funny that it was the 9th most viewed post of the year because it was just totally random.  But I gotta love that about you too, because I can’t keep a straight thought to save my life, so yeah for randomness!

8. Mrs. Hutchinson’s Homeschool Guides Are Here!
You are all so sweet to be so excited about my just-released ebooks.  I was so flattered by your support.  They’re still selling, so you much like them! Thank you so much for that and be looking for more to join the series this year!

7. Home + School: Simplified
This was the first post to my Home + School: Simplified series.  I seriously loved writing this series.  It was 31 days of straight blogging but it didn’t feel like work for a second! Thank you for reading so loyally!

6. Our Homeschool Room 2014
Oh how I miss this room.  Just when we got it just so, I go and move.  We’re settling into a new temporary space today.  It’s not as cutesy as our old space, but it’s super functional and we’ll take anything we can get right now since we’re homeless and all. 

5. Creating a Custom Homeschool Planner
This was such a fun post because there’s a video!! Who doesn’t love a video!?  I took my plainish lesson planner and created this fun and pretty teacher planner and show you step-by-step how I did it…enjoy!

4. Making Family Yearbooks
I love our family yearbooks so much.  I’m just starting to work on our 2014 book now.  This is really time consuming, but it’s also very therapeutic to look back through the year’s photos.  I love this time of year.

3. Big Book of Homeschool Ideas
I’m prrrrretty sure this was the third highest viewed post because there was a big giveaway connected to it, but I think this book is pretty darn awesome too!  I am really proud of how it turned out and again, I will tell any homeschool mama…you need this book.  It’s beyond helpful on so many levels. 

2. Moving to Minnesota
Oh the big announcement.  Such an emotional post to write.  I’m still missing North Carolina so badly…I probably always will.  Our time there was so life-changing and challenging and amazing.  We wouldn’t take way our time there for a million bucks.  We miss you, NC but we’re so excited for you, MN!!

1. Our Curriculum: 2014-15
Annnnd the annual curriculum post wins again! Aren’t we all so into these posts?! I love reading what other people are using for curriculum…turns out you are too. Guess I’m not as weird as I thought.  Because of the move and all the change, there’s a lot from this list we’re not using anymore, but it’s still a great reference list. And ask me any questions you might have!

Thanks again for reading along this year…you are all so awesome!


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