Halloween has never been the joking matter at our house.  My kids are very serious about what they dress up like, they would much prefer pieced-together, Goodwill costumes opposed to a store-bought one, and they Google photos of their costume focus for authenticity-sake.  I’m not even joking.  Yes, this started with me, but I’ve created three little monsters–literally.  My boys have been asking to be 20’s gangsters for months, naturally making Sophia a flapper girl to accompany their idea.  Gangster sounded a little too mean for my sweet boys and since my idea for Lewis, Clark, Sacagawea, and baby Jean-Baptiste was overruled, we settled on “dapper gents of the 1920’s and their flapper sister.”
Naturally, costumes this classy called for a fun photo shoot and when I saw two cars by the side of the road for the 1920s proudly displaying themselves at a church festival car show, you better believe I squealed in there to track down their owner.  Men with their cars are definitely happy to oblige, and in no time at all we had a photo shoot on the calendar.
Again with the authenticity, my kids are pretty awesome.  We looked at photos of Scott and Zelda and other 20s fat cats and noted their serious faced photos.  They were amazingly eager and we finished our hour-long session with smiles and a treat trip to Sonic. 
These kids are pretty stinkin’ awesome.  I give you, my sweet babies, the Jazz Age version…

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I’m so pleased with my sassy little guys and molls.  Definitely some memory-making photos to save for someday. You might remember our Sherlock Holmes photo shoot from two years ago.  So much fun.

Happy Halloween, y’all.



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