Auf Wiedersehen…for now

I have a German friend and I make her say things all the time.

Hey Karina, say this…..

Hey Karina, say this….

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She humors me and doesn’t laugh when I try to say it back to her in my perfectly non-German way.  Anyway, she would be proud of this title…because I read it back to myself perfectly.

Its like one of those things where you know its the right thing, but its kind of unnerving too.  I have thought for several months now that I need a long, serious unplug from social media.  Besides some pretty amazing silver linings, like my Vera, 2013 was the hardest year I’ve ever had.  I talked about it pretty in-depth every day in the month of October, and I also talked about how I felt like I needed to share and share deeply.  And I’m glad I did that.  But I feel like to start the new year, I have to do some things differently…because I so want 2014 to be a different kind of year.  So to start things off differently, I’m completely unplugging…which means no Instagram, no Facebook, no blogging, no blog reading, and no Pinterest.  I’m going to use my phone for talking (gasp!) and my computer for Googling.  I need it a little quieter right now, a little slower, and a lot more focused.

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I have such a long list of goals this year: to start learning a different language, read a million books, lose 15 pounds (I don’t even care if that’s cliché), figure out my faith-life, find myself again, be confident in my 13,000 ideas and then do them, get strong again in more ways than one, stop looking at the world for advice and follow my gut instead, stop yelling at my kids, become a homeowner once again, and most of all: find peace.  Its a long list, I know this.  But after two years of expecting nothing, I’m done with that jazz.  I have so much brewing in my head right now…I know so much is ahead for me…for us.  But in order to get there, I know in my gut that I have to unhook the steady stream of outside messages and side trackers.

I can’t say how long this unplug will be…maybe a month…maybe four months….maybe six.  Its a little freaky because there’s a very small part of me that wonders if anyone will be here when I get back….but its too small to change my mind.  There will hopefully be some loyals here when I get back…and when I do we can sit down with some coffee and wheat-free shortbread and have a long sweet talk about life.  Right now I’m going back to the days of using books for ideas instead of Pinterest and emails and phone calls to communicate and reading books instead of blogs.  I love sharing my life.  I love sharing my photos and projects and thoughts…and I will again.  But for now….

…auf weidersehen.



  1. Love that you are doing
    it on YOUR terms. I took
    a nice long break over the
    holidays and I never would
    have made it through a
    tragedy that happened during
    that time if I had not. You
    are so right to listen to your
    inner voice–it won't let you

    Love & hugs,
    xo Suzanne

  2. Well do what you must I will miss you and the littles faces no favorites but Ms. Vera Mae cant handle her cuteness you two did a great job on her. Happy New Year and God bless you all!


  3. fantabulous reasons to unplug.
    brave girl.
    it's gonna be good.

    i took a break from Facebook last year and never went back to it…totally deleted my account.
    don't miss it at ALL.

    enjoy those kiddos and all those dreams you've got.


  4. I'll be here when ya get back girly!! Love that you set goals. I didn't… it wasn't really my thing for this season- first time for everything right? so I'm just going today. I can't wait to see what GOOD things you dig up while on a bit of a break. Breaks have always refreshed me. Sending hugs your way.

  5. Really going to miss you, I so love reading your blog, but… it's so so important to feel happy and content and calm inside. I shall take a little peak at your blog every so often… this reader will still be here. You're so right about needing to have breaks from all the social media whirlwind-ness. Some days I just crave quiet and stillness. Be happy. Hugs from across the ocean xx

  6. Good for you!! you inspire me so much with home schooling. enjoy the extra time you will have with your wonderful family. I'll miss your posts, they are my favourite, but Good on you. Enjoy, Sarah xx

  7. I will miss your posts, but I will be one of those who will be here when you return! Enjoy your time reconnecting with yourself, and checking things off your list! Cheers to a new year.

  8. Great idea. I have taken social media breaks before and been SO refreshed. I'll miss my Vera and adorable Alicia's family pic fixes, but I guess I'll survive. 😉 Praying you find an abundance of God's peace. I'll start brewing the coffee for your return. Remember, God believes in you even more than you believe in yourself. You're stronger than you realize. Happy 2014! 🙂 xo

  9. You are a brave soul! I feel a slight lump in my soul right now…which leads me to a bit of confusion….I feel like a friend is going away….yet we have never even met! I know the time I invest in blogging and Instagram… will get a lot done with this free time. And I am a bit envious of Mary…I cannot call! Looking forward to your return and all of the smiles and tales in between!

  10. I have been a long time follower but I rarely ever comment. I think this is a fabulous idea. I also want to say that I'll be praying for your relationship with the Lord, a few small things you've mentioned make it seem like you're struggling with that right now and I promise you when that falls back into place, it all will follow … please don't think I'm judging, I'm certainly in need of more time with my Savior too – but know I'll be praying for you!! <3

  11. Alicia,
    We are always on the same wavelength…I too am feeling the need for a social media hiatus. Life gets so busy and I often find myself feeling overwhelmed. Last January, I took a social media break and it was so freeing. I too have several goals and ideas and surfing IG and FB are not letting me get them done! I will miss your posts, you have been such an inspiration to me!

    I will be here when you return! I will have the Paleo friendly muffins waiting for you!

    I'm praying for a fabulous '14 for you and your sweet family!

  12. I will miss you, but I totaaly understand. And selfishly, when I saw the title, I was thinking : I sure hope she doesn't meab IG, too! :-/

    I'll be here when you come back! I am hoping/praying 2014 is awesome & brings you just what you're looking for. xoxoxo

  13. i'll sure miss you…but! i can call you if i get desperate, right???

    i think that this is a wonderful, BRAVE thing to do.

    don't you worry, people will be here when you get back, but really? does it matter? i mean, i don't mean that rudely or anything like that, but if you have the Lord and His favor and guidance, along with being surrounded by those that you love, that's all you need. 😉

    you inspire me.
    i love you.
    savor EVERY moment.

    i'll pray for you along the way, too, that your focus will not be shifted, and that you will find true Peace and contentment in this one precious, blessed life(i'm praying that for me, too).


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