Whole 30 Menu Plan

Let me start by saying, this is the roughest and most simple Whole 30 menu plan ever.  Also, this is plan has a few discrepancies, which we’ll discuss in a sec.  Another also, this is for my friend, who twisted my arm to do this post.  I was going to let this one slip under the radar, but I thought, “hey, somebody might benefit from this post.” So I did it.

I’m doing Whole 30 again.  I did my first one last July and it was so good.  Even though I’ve pretty much stuck to clean/paleo eating since then, many things have slipped back in occasionally and I needed a challenge.  But (and here’s where the discrepancies come in), I am so super busy.  Like really.  Everyday I’m running like crazy. I decided I couldn’t do the super duper strict Whole 30 like its meant to be: no weighing yourself and no honey are the two rules I’m breaking.  I’m ok with breaking a couple rules right now…its just my season of life.  Nothings going to be perfect.  Right now I’m on day 19 of eating super clean paleo.  I’ve had some slips, due to under planning, but I’m adding days on to the end to make up for my slips.  Ugh.

I know a lot of people are trying Whole 30 or dipping their toes into the paleo world, so I thought I’d sure my simple Whole 30/paleo menu plan that I’ve been using.  I wrote out several breakfasts and lunches that would be easy for me to fix for myself.  And then I wrote out 15 of my favorite paleo dinners and thought I could just make each one twice.  So I’ll give you my list and links to recipes and then I’ll have a printable menu plan you can print out and use if you want!

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Here goes:

Sweet Potato Hash: this is really simple if you already have leftover sweet potatoes.  And I’m sure you will if you’re eating paleo meals.  Sweet potatoes are pretty much a staple.
Scrambled Eggs with fruit
Fried Eggs over Sautéed Veggies
Sausage and Fruit
Muffins and Fruit: Our favorite is Banana from Against All Grains. SO good.
Banana Pancakes: This is also from Against All Grains and this is something that I’d only make once or twice per month.

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Ok, before I talk about lunch, I just have to give you this recipe for homemade mayo.  I make this every week or so and its a staple for me for good lunches.  I can make so much with it. 
Tuna Salad on greens
Egg Salad on greens
Skinny Chicken Salad: I just use the homemade mayo instead of yogurt
Leftovers: make more food than you normally would for dinner.  Those leftovers are handy!
Chef’s Salad: Whatever veggies you have over greens with sliced boiled eggs and leftover chicken is really good.  I usually mix up a quick vinaigrette.  My favorite is: A bit of olive oil, a bit less balsamic vinegar, crushed garlic clove, salt and pepper, and about a tsp of Dijon mustard.  So good!
Apple Bacon Salad: Seriously the best thing ever for lunch.  Ever.

1. Chicken Marsala
2. Pulled Pork: No recipe.  I just take a pork roast and roast it with onions and a little water at about 325* for several hours.  We usually have green beans and mashed sweet potatoes with this.
3. Grilled Sausage and Veggies: No recipe again.  Just good sausages and peppers and onions.  Simple and delish.
4. Beef + Kale Stir Fry: My kids loved this.  That should tell you something.
5. Spaghetti + Spaghetti Squash: This is so so good.  No recipe.  Just make your meat like you normally would.  Check sauces because most of them have sugar.  I just make my own usually and I just wing it…crushed tomatoes, some tomato paste, and loads of herbs and onion and garlic.  Then I roast the squash with a little butter and salt and pepper.  “Noodles” like you’ve never had.  I seriously don’t care if I never have pasta again.  I’m not even kidding.
6. Meatloaf and Mashed Cauliflower: Just use your normal meatloaf recipe, but use tomato sauce instead of ketchup if you use that and use almond flour instead of regular flour.  For the mashed cauliflower: roast some garlic and steam a couple heads of cauliflower.  Mash it all together with salt and pepper. 
7. Honey + Lime Tilapia: Use almond flour for the regular flour.
8. Taco Salad: Just make your taco meat and serve over greens.  Top with tomatoes, onions, and avocadoes. AND don’t forget this Avocado Dressing.  Its soooo good! And great with veggies too.
9. Chicken Wings: For real.  Get a bag of plain frozen chicken wings and roast them.  Usually takes an hour.  Now go throw them on the grill so they get a char goin’ on.  Now toss them in some Frank’s hot sauce.  Serve with veggies.
10. Roast Beef
11. Rotisserie Chicken from the grocer: Mama’s gotta live, yo.
12. Grilled Steak and Asparagus and salad
13. Garlic Chicken Legs: My kids love chicken legs.  Just buy a bag of frozen plain chicken legs.  Put them in a roasting dish, drizzle with olive oil, and add tons of garlic cloves.  Roast for about an hour.  Serve with salad.
14. Balsamic Tilapia
15. Creamy Pesto “Pasta”

If you like this menu and want to print it out:

Also, a couple more things:
I have already lost about 6 pounds so far and this is really encouraging.  But it could also be really discouraging too if I hadn’t.  Just remember your scale isn’t the boss of you.  A lot of times, we lose flabbiness and stuff but the scale doesn’t move.  Its true.  Don’t let that deter you from eating healthy.

Another thing is, follow @jennaskitchen on Instagram.  She has great ideas for meals and just general encouragement everyday.  She’s a great one to follow.

Last, don’t freak out if this is hard.  It is hard.  Eating well takes effort.  Plan as well as you can.  Make sure you have lots of veggies and meats in your freezer and fridge.  Take small steps.

Hope you picked something up from this today.  I just wanted to encourage anyone else out there doing this challenge! How about it? Is anyone doing the challenge?? Do tell!


  1. I've been living gluten-free (not fully Paleo just yet, but close) for three full months and I feel so much better! The whole fam just got on board a week ago. Hoping to cure some asthma.

  2. This is so helpful and I will definitely print out your menu. You have done all the leg work of finding recipes…thank you! I would love to eat paleo more but I am afraid that the rest of my family may not be quite as excited about it as I am! Alisa

  3. I definitely want to try this, thanks so much for posting the info, I always get intimidated thinking of what meals to make but having someone spell it out for me is SO helpful!

  4. I just started AGAIN today. Love this, Thanks! Oh and if you are eating honey….take frozen pineapple in blender with a bit of honey and almond milk. whip it up. Then call me and tell me you love me! :).

    I am going to make it this time all the way through!!!!

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