I sat with coffee and a blank planner yesterday…waiting for the inspiration to hit me.  Waiting for the motivation of writing down goals to just start flowing through my pen onto the blankness.  Normally, goals motivate me.  I’m excited about checking things off my list and accomplishing the large and small that I set out to do: paint the kitchen, organize the pantry, redecorate the kids’ rooms.  To be honest though, these last two years have completely and totally kicked my butt.  I mean, it’s bruised.  I feel a little maimed from them.  Last year, feeling so much in total limbo and having no idea what was happening week-by-week, and this year, just moving across the country right before the holidays and basically turning into a band of gypsies, living with family here and there until we find a house.  These situations will pretty much squelch your drive for setting goals in a big hurry. 

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Here’s the thing though, I think that it’s ok to have a “lay low and don’t expect too much from yourself” year.  Maybe it’s called a “be kind to yourself” year. 

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I think I just have one goal for myself this year: be content in the crazy.  This first quarter of 2015 is going to continue to be really chaotic.  We won’t be into our house for a while (damn short sales) and we’ll still be gypsies for the time being.  My goal is to just embrace the fact that nothing will seem right for a while and nothing will be normal…and that’s ok.  Even though there’s many many things I can’t plan for right now, I can still do things like: do school with my kids, order new books from Amazon, work on some of my many business goals for this year, play in the snow with my kids, take care of myself.

So I guess I did have one big goal for this year: be content.

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I did write down a few other things though too because it’s about all I can manage at the time being:

– read Simple Abundance daily and keep writing in my gratitude journal

– do a month-long sugar fast with the kids in January
– carve out a little bit of time each day to exercise
– take my vitamins daily!
– make a book list for me and for the kids for 2015
– and create a computer-time schedule for myself to get things done more efficiently
And that’s it.  I am pleasantly pleased with just this short list.  I feel like it’s just enough…enough to give me a little pep in my New Year’s step even.
Between you and me, my computer is on the fritz and it’s making me sweat a lot, but I am really excited about the posts coming up these next few weeks…well, maybe just this whole month: Favorites from 2014, Book Lists, School Ideas, a Bundle Sale of all my Ebooks, a HUGE list of Biographies for kids, and maybe a little House Hunters ๐Ÿ™‚ Please pray my computer starts behaving…ugh. 
Wishing you all a fantastic 2015 and may your goals be few, but mighty!๏ปฟ


  1. You have got to watch Veggie Tales "Celery Night Fever" with your kiddos. Laura Carrot's character on there will crack you up. You'll love her "I love check marks!" song. Girl is a list maker and she loves checking stuff off her "to-do" list. Enjoy your weekend…..

  2. I can't wait for your 2014 round-up! I hope your computer cooperates soon, as well. It's kind of important for a blogger to have her computer working. ๐Ÿ™‚ Blessings in 2015!

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