So much of my tradition-loving, memory-making, homebody-ness has had to adapt this holiday.  We are making memories, but they’re just different.  We’re all kind of floating, figuring out things as we go.  I took Noah and Sophia house hunting with me last week for a marathon of twenty homes in just three days.  It was overwhelming for all of us.  We’re feeling the opposite of settled and it shows in each kid in their own way.  But in keeping the ultimate goal in mind, to find a resting place for our family, we pressed on. 
We’re remembering this from last year…
…knowing all our things are in storage, but we’ll see it again next Christmas. 
We’ve got an offer on the table…this was the goal for the weekend! Success! But the catch is that it’s a short sale and these things can take forever.  We’ll be looking in the meantime in case something else pops up, but we’re pretty happy to at least have one in mind.  I thought it would be fun to play a little House Hunters on the blog…so that will be coming soon.  Here’s a preview:
House #1:

House #2: 

House #3: 

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House #4: 

Now won’t this be fun!? Which one did we pick?? We’ll play soon…and who knows, maybe we’ll choose to totally skip the short sale and pick something different altogether! Ha! Either way, who doesn’t like to watch an episode of House Hunters, right!?
I’m signing off until after Christmas…have a fabulous holiday, friends! 

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  1. I love them all! They are so charming! #4 is my fave from the outside, but the great part is making your house a home. Hope all goes smoothly.

    Happy 2015 to your sweet fam! xo

  2. you picked #1 because it meets your daughter's request and looks like 'you'? Although #4 may have a chimney hidden behind that tree. The other one with a chimney doesn't seem very you to me…but then again, I don't *actually* know you at all. 😉

  3. Hang in there! We looked for 6 months for the house we are in now, settling on a fixer upper and not as much land as we need. I love it though. And you only live about 3 hours from me! Have a Merry Christmas!

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