There’s so many fun art projects to do for Christmas that sometimes after all the hoopla, we feel a little uninspired…like, what do we do now?? With this move, my school plans that I put together at the beginning of the year have change a bit.  I wrote about our Art Class plans at the beginning of the school year, so if you’re looking for ideas, you can look there too. But I put together a list of some fun art project ideas that would be great for after the holidays to get you inspired after the tinsel gets sucked up by the vacuum. 
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1. Alisha Gratehouse’s Winter Wonderland mix media course.
We are saving this one for after Christmas, although there are some Christmas projects in there, there’s still so many that are just perfect for winter art.  Things like a winter birch forest on canvas, an art journal with all the beautiful nature finds in winter: evergreens and snowflakes, a mixed media snowman on canvas.  I am so excited to dig into this after Christmas.  Also, the great thing about this course is you have access to it for a whole year, so the fun Christmas projects can be saved for next year!


2. Deep Space Sparkle is one of my favorite resources for finding fun art ideas. I love how Patty uses a lot of great children’s literature to inspire her art projects.  This one about the Perfect Day and snow angels looks so good.

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3. The Kids’ Outdoor Adventure book looks so awesome! I am so excited to do some of these nature projects with the kids this winter.  Over 400 projects to do in nature all through the year, but winter especially needs a little extra inspiration sometimes.

4. Some of my favorite art projects are Master Kitz.  I’ve talked about them a lot before.  These are great to stash away for the dreary winter months.  Check out a few books on the artist and make it an artist study too.  When we get settled in a new house, I plan on putting together a wall of their framed projects to display.  I can’t tell you how great these kits are!
5. Wintery cardinals.  I love tying nature in with our art class and cardinals are so beautiful in the wintertime.  This project from Runde’s Room looks like it would be easy enough but yet challenging enough for an array of ages.
6. My kids adore using chalk pastels in their art.  Winter would be a great time to dive into a new art medium if it’s new to you.  If you’re just starting out in chalk pastels, this book would be a great place to start.  Order a set of chalk pastels and you’re good to go. 

A Simple Start in Chalk Pastels
7.  I have always loved That Artist Woman’s art projects.  She has such unique ideas.  I love these clay snowmen.  My kids always love working with clay and it’s a good change from regular art supplies. 
I hope this helps cure some of those winter blues that sometimes come after the busy Christmas season.  Art is healing.  Have fun this winter!

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