It’s that magical time of the year where roundups and top ten lists are in full force! I can’t help but click on favorite book lists or goals lists right now. I’m a sucker for self-improvement and goal setting.

It’s been a big year here on the blog and I’m excited to tie it up in a neat bow and get ready for what 2017 has for us!

In April, I launched Learning Well Community, a hub for homeschool parents to take courses, get great resources, and share their day to day victories! It’s been amazing actually and I’m humbled by your enthusiasm for my little dream of helping homeschool families in this way. It’s been so great at Learning Well Community, that I decided this blog needed to follow suit and change it’s name to join the family. You may have noticed Investing Love is now Learning Well blog. Same content, just a different name!

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We launched courses on preschooling, government, being purposeful with your homeschool, and are about to launch three more new courses on art, poetry, and winter nature! We hope to see you in class this winter!

On to the posts…I love going through my analytics to find which posts were most loved, shared and visited by you. Here’s the list from 2015 and 2014 too! Looking at this list, I see that so many of you like to come here to get help planning your days, find good book recommendations, and find fun projects for your kids. That’s awesome, because so do I!

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Here’s YOUR favorite posts from 2016:

10. Our New Morning Meetings with a Daily Focus// I posted this earlier this fall about how we switched up our Morning Meetings. It’s been a great change for us!

9. Purists are Cranky (and other reasons you should stay open minded in your homeschool)// Maybe a little on the controversial side, but I feel pretty passionate about it. Lots of feedback from this post…let me know what you think in the comments!

8. Our Big Ol’ List of Middle Ages Books// I need to do more of these book lists. I love books. So much. Look for more book lists here in 2017!

7 How Read Alouds Will Lead Our Language Arts this Year// We really changed it up with our language arts this year. It felt a little weird at first, but now we love it! So, basically we’re doing read alouds and the grammar, spelling, and other language arts elements come from these books.

For my high schooler, he’s doing some Easy Grammar and Editor in Chief as well, but also basing lots of language arts around his current read. See his list here and our read aloud list here.

6. 8 Traits of a Successful Morning Routine// Give me a cup of coffee and a few minutes to talk about routines and I will be a happy mama. I love talking time management and routines. This post was one of your favorites, on one of my favorite subjects.

If you’re looking for a ton of great home organization ideas, I just wrote this post that might help you with your New Year’s goals.

5. Our Morning Meetings// This was my first post on our Morning Meetings that I wrote about last winter. I did a Periscope (that’s now on YouTube) that was pretty popular with you routine-loving folks. Our Morning Meetings is one of our favorite parts of the day. This was a super fun post to write.

4. Out-of-the-Box Stocking Stuffer Ideas// Speaking of favorite posts to write…this year’s stocking stuffer post was SO much fun! I break the bank every Christmas shopping for cool little things to fill my kids’ stockings. So now, the work is done for you! (bookmark for next Christmas!)

Top Three Favorite Posts of 2016

3. Advice for New Homeschoolers// I love seeing new homeschoolers get excited about kicking off their journeys. But just as much, I hate to see moms get overwhelmed and paralyzed before they even get going. This post was written to those newbies that need some encouragement.

2. The Hardest Parts of Homeschooling (that no one wants to talk about)// Let’s be honest here, homeschooling is not easy. But sometimes we are so focused on defending our decision, that is not the most popular decision out there, that we skirt around the issues that really are there. There ARE hard parts of homeschooling…let’s talk about them for a bit.

1 How to Make Soy Candles (with kids!)// I am SO pumped that this is the number ONE post of the year, because this was my number ONE project of the year!! Check it out and make some candles with your kids this winter. It’s the perfect winter project. I’m going to be making more this winter as well.

THANK YOU so much for reading here all year, leaving your comments, supporting this space and being awesome people in general. You are amazing and make this the funnest gig ever!

More New Year posts coming soon! Be watching for a recap of my own book list from the year and what I want to read in 2017 AND my goals for the New Year!

Happy New Year!


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