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My boys are super into computers and how they work. Kids coding has become a huge interest these last few years. But the resources aren’t as easy to find as other techie interests. I am excited to tell you about a kids coding computer program that just might help curb that excitement and funnel it into something really exciting.

KidCoder Game Programming is a computer program for you techie loving kiddos. I want to tell you all about it.

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What is KidCoder?

Designed for kids from 6th to 8th grade, KidCoder is a two-semester program. 

The first semester covers the language of programming. The second semester covers creating an actual game/program. They create shapes, learn how to create animation, and sound effects.

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Each lesson comes with a video which is great for our visual learners. Each lesson ends with a simple quiz the kids also take in the program. If your child stresses about tests or quizzes, you could read the questions aloud and have them tell you the answers.

The best part about KidCoder? It provides the breakdown of big concepts so that your kids can keep on creating long after they have completed the course! 

Why moms love this kid coding program.

I’m not a big gamer person. I would much rather my kids were outside or building something than sitting in front of screens. But I’ve also learned that to nourish my kids’ learning means to nourish their interests. And for one of my kids in particular, their interest is computers and gaming–how they work, what makes a game, etc.

I am loving KidCoder because:

  • I don’t understand this stuff and I don’t have to teach it! This program does it all! It’s a self-study curriculum that does it all for you.
  • This program is complete. I don’t need to download anything else. No textbooks. Nada.
  • KidCoder is a full year’s curriculum, but I could make it stretch longer if I wanted to. It’s adaptable to your needs.

How about you? Do you have any great coding resources in your repertoire? 

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