7 Tips for a Less Stressful Christmas

We hear a lot about how bad things are right now and it makes us want to hurry time along so we can get to a better time. But that’s not what we really want. What I really want to do is fully embrace and enjoy another holiday season with my family because it goes too fast and I don’t want to wish away a moment of it.

I know the heaviness of where we are is real and we have a lot on our minds and on our hearts.

I wanted to help get your wheels turning about how we can make this a beautiful Christmas season for our kids. We are the magic-makers, so let’s do it.

Seven Ways to have a Less Stressful Christmas

  1. Turn off the news. There’s no joy there and in order to be more present with our people, we need to turn off the noise.
  2. (Seriously) Limit Social Media. I’ve taken so much time off of social media this year. I cannot tell you how much less distracted I am without it! It’s really lovely actually!
3. Keep things so simple this year and jot down some notes. I keep forgetting things, do you too?? Many years ago, I started created these simple Christmas bullet journals to keep my thoughts straight. I make one every year!
There are lots of little things we can be doing now so that we’re not stressed out later: ordering a Christmas card (don’t you think we need lots of happy mail this year?), do some hands-on crafts with the kids to give as gifts.
▪We might not be feeling very merry, but we can still make things magical…listen in to see how.
Advent is a special time–always. Make it memorable without making it stressful.
▪Sometimes we have zero energy for anything. But we can sit down and read to our kids. And sometimes that’s enough. Here are some great lists:Christmas picture books that are newly published 
A HUGE list of Christmas picture books–our favorites and reader favorites too!
And here are Christmas read alouds I think your family will love
The bottom line is this: we need all the peace we can get this year, so whether that means we use all the hacks we can find or make things as simple as we can, that’s ok. Our kids will remember the way our homes felt–cozy and warm and full of joy–even in 2020.Talk soon,

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