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When Mama Loses Her Merry

It’s December! It’s time to string the popcorn, cut down your tree and do all the beautiful things we feel like December expects from us. We all know that mama conducts this merry Christmas train. But what about when mama loses her merry? Then what? What if mama’s just not feeling it? Losing your merry happens to the best of us.

Ask me how I know. 

We all have seasons where we’re really down–depressed even, have babies and very little sleep, marriage problems, huge family troubles, and so much more. Throw Christmas in there when we’re supposed to be creating all this holiday magic, and we can feel even MORE depressed.

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Today, I want to talk about that. What we can do when we’re down and out and have to bring the merry.

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When Mama Loses Her Merry

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  1. I SO enjoy each and every episode. I completely respect your need to take the rest of the year off but I will miss listening! I may just re-listen to the previous episodes until your back!! Thank you for your podcast 🙂 helping mamas hardcore!

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