4 Christmas Hacks You Need to Know About

Christmas can be crazy! We could all do with a few tried-and-true Christmas hacks, right? These are things I have been doing in our home from almost the beginning and they have saved me time and time again. SO many times I will find this notes-to-self and want to give myself a little pat on the back for that gift to my future self!

These Christmas hacks are simple, very doable and you’ll want to implement them right away. YOUR future self will thank you too!

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Do you need help finding gifts this year?

What’re the best practices for gift-giving and budgeting anyway? Here are some thoughts.

Setting a Christmas budget and gifting etiquette is tricky! I'm answering your questions about the Christmas budget, gift buying for grandparents, and more.

Do you have kids who don’t need a thing this Christmas??

It is so hard to find gifts for kids who have everything! With the holidays upon us, once again, I wonder what to get for my kids–that’s right–those gifts for kids who have everything. This can be so tough! Last year, I asked my kids what they wanted for Christmas and the most I got for an answer was a glazed-over set of eyes–they had no idea because they didn’t need a thing!

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We’ve done the Christmas gift formula of something you need, something to wear…want…read and it’s worked great! But when my kids even struggled to think of things for these four categories, we decided to go a different direction this year.

There’s too much STUFF cluttering things up and I knew there were gifts out there besides a bunch of TOYS!

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Of course, I still want to bless my kids and have them open something fun on Christmas morning, all while avoiding adding clutter and junk to our closets!

You can find gifts for kids who have everything–let me help! 

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  1. Christmas is coming.. I really want to apply this hack to upcoming Christmas for enjoy a better Christmas.

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