How To Save Money this Holiday Season

‘Tis the season for spending all your hard-earned money, am I right? We all want more ways to save money. When the holidays hit, I can start to feel a little wrung-out in more ways than one. But I had to tell you about two things that have been saving money over the past year:

How to Save Money this Holiday Season

1. Straight-up cash back! So, I’ve had heard about Rakuten before–and it sounded too good to be true. Last year, on Cyber Monday I decided, “Hey, why not? I’ll give it a try.”

This is a free service, and you easily add it as an extension on your browser. Then, for most of your online purchases, you get a percentage of cash back into your account. Once a month, Rakuten pays you your money earned either via PayPal account or check in the mail. They partner with thousands of online stores, so pretty much anywhere you want to shop online, you’ll make moola back from shopping.

When you go online to make a purchase, head to Rakuten and search for the store in the search bar. Then, click on Shop Now. It’ll take you to the store and you just shop as usual. Within a few hours, the cashback shows up in your account and you can expect a check every month.

So far this year I have gotten almost $75 back!

Another cool thing is their referral program. So by signing up with my link, you will instantly make $40 back when you make your first purchase over $40 with Rakuten–and I’ll make some cash back too. Then, when you start using it, you can refer YOUR friends and make cashback too. Win-win for all!

Never Miss a Coupon Code

2. Honey is a tool I’ve been using for a couple of years and it’s saved me so. much. money!

Have you ever been shopping online and just KNOW you’re missing out on a coupon code somewhere?? Then you fall down the rabbit trail of trying to find a coupon code for a particular online store and all the sites are sketchy and weird and you don’t end up finding a coupon code anyway?

That is where Honey is saving my life! It’s basically just an extension you add to your web browser and while you’re shopping, it scans the internet for coupon codes for the store where you’re shopping.

Then, at checkout, there’s a prompt to ask you to try the codes Honey has found. 9 times out of 10, I save money I wasn’t expecting to. It’s pretty amazing.
If you still have some shopping to do and feel like you’re spending more money than you have to, check out these two cool money-saving tools. I am loving them this season!

More Ways to Save Money Right Now:

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Happy Shopping, friend!

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