20 Perfect Christmas Gifts Your Teen Girls Will Love

Shopping for gifts for teen girls is actually kind of fun! There are so many things coming back into style from my own childhood/teen years that shopping for my teen girl is giving me some déjà vu! This post will give you ideas of gifts for your teen girls: things to wear, things to read, beauty ideas, and more.

Some of these ideas are cute and little and would be perfect stocking stuffer ideas too!

Gifts for Teen Girls: Things to Wear

Shacket: These are super popular right now! I kind of want one for myself 😉

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Hoodies from Hope Outfitters: I love this company, their designs and their cause! They donate a portion of their proceeds to different non-profits—sometimes to pro-life organizations, organizations fighting sex-trafficking and more. I have purchased my teen boys several things from Hope Outfitters, but I think my favorites are their hoodies.

Doc Martin Boots: I think every teen girl wants a pair of these this year—why didn’t I save mine?!?!?!

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Beanies: Teen boys and girls alike love their beanies. They wear them so much that they really should have a few favorites so there’s always one to wear while the others are in the laundry!

Gifts for Teen Girls: Beauty Ideas

Olive + June Nail Kit: We love our Olive + June nail kit! It has everything you need to create salon worthy nails. The kit also comes with a top coat and six gorgeous polishes too.

Ipsy Subscription: This is a reasonably-priced subscription box for your beauty product-loving teen girl!

Kirsten Ess Hair Appliances: I can speak to the curling iron—it is a cut above the basic curling iron without the huge price tag. My teen girl really wants a flat iron and these are a lot better quality than the basic ones but don’t have a giant price tag.

Hair Accessories: Scrunchies, clips, barrettes and more!

Gifts for Teen Girls: Things to Read

Personalized Study Bible: This is something they will have forever. We love the ESV Study Bible. The leather option is so classic and then to have it personalized adds just another layer of specialness.

Classics: To give a classic book is always a good idea, but especially for teens. I look at it like this: even though my kids still live at home, I can start to help them build their own libraries now. Someday when they have their own fabulous home libraries, I think they will thank me 😊 Ideas:

  • Price and Prejudice
  • The Scarlet Letter
  • To Kill a Mockingbird
  • The Great Gatsby
  • The Screwtape Letters
  • The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe

Brio Magazine: I love this subscription for my teen girl! It is full of God-centered articles, music reviews, scripture memory, and more.

More Fun Gift Ideas for Teen Girls:

Photo Pocket Printer: These are perfect little printers to let your girl print favorite photos. Great for scrapbooks, framing, and hanging around her room.

Bamboo Bluetooth Speaker: These are pretty and functional 😊

Diffuser + Essential Oils: Such a perfect gift for your teen girl’s bedroom. I love having diffusers in my kids’ rooms so they can diffuse lavender and others before bed. I love the oils from Sixth Scents Oils. You can get a subscription for your daughter or just order some singles for her.

Use my code: ALICIA10 to get $10 off your order from Sixth Scents Oils.

Eno Hammock: Teens love these little hammocks. They pack away into a backpack and can hang pretty much anywhere.

Record Player: A super fun gift if you have a teen girl who loves music!

TV Series on DVD: We have unsubscribed to all our streaming services, aside from Amazon Prime, so my teens haven’t been watching many TV series. I recently saw some great options at Target and thought they would be a great gift idea for teens. Also, I think it’s a good idea to own physical copies of books and shows too. Ideas:

Subscription Gift Ideas

Dwell Differently Subscription: You can read about this awesome subscription (with temporary tattoos!!) here.

Universal Yums Box: Ok, these are SUCH FUN monthly boxes. What teen doesn’t love snacks!? This is a monthly box of snack foods from a different country each month. Our family loves this box!

Doodle Crate: This is a really advanced kit by Kiwi Co for ages 14+. We have done LOTS of these boxes and they are such a great creative activities for your teens! The projects are full of so many different craft skills: dying fabric, soap making, paper making, and MORE. There is so much technology shoved in our kids’ faces each day, I love the idea of giving our teens a better alternative to entertain them.

I hope these ideas help you get a good amount of shopping done for your teen girls! Merry Christmas!

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