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24 Gifts for Kids Who Have Everything

It is so hard to find gifts for kids who have everything! With the holidays upon us, once again, I wonder what to get for my kids–that’s right–those gifts for kids who have everything. This can be so tough! Last year, I asked my kids what they wanted for Christmas and the most I got for an answer was a glazed-over set of eyes–they had no idea because they didn’t need a thing!

We’ve done the Christmas gift formula of something you need, something to wear…want…read and it’s worked great! But when my kids even struggled to think of things for these four categories, we decided to go a different direction this year.

There’s too much STUFF cluttering things up and I knew there were gifts out there besides a bunch of TOYS!

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Of course, I still want to bless my kids and have them open something fun on Christmas morning, all while avoiding adding clutter and junk to our closets!

You can find gifts for kids who have everything–let me help! 

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In this episode of Over at Alicia’s, I’m laying out 24 creatively fun gifts for kids who have everything!

Listen in and read all the notes below for more details…

24 Creative Christmas Gifts for Kids Who Have Everything

I called on friends and racked my brain for great ideas for you. There were many ideas, so I ended up putting them into four categories: Experiences; Gifts that Keep On Giving; Gifts for Cultivating Interests; and Gifts to Encourage Family Togetherness. 

Give the Gift of an Experience

Kids remember experiences way longer than they remember a thing. Over the summer, I asked my kids if they remembered a road trip we’d taken three years prior. They remembered so much about the trip–funny things, seeing Old Faithful, seeing friends along the way and so much more.

But they couldn’t remember what they’d gotten for Christmas just 6 months before.


But it showed me that experiences are such lasting gifts! Here’s my ideas:

  • Take a trip!
  • Concert tickets
  • Museum pass
  • Zoo pass
  • Tickets to a theatrical performance

Monthly Subscriptions: the Gifts that Keep on Giving

Kids love to get mail! (And so do I, besides bills!) And how fun to give something at Christmastime that will continue through the next several months–or even the whole year!

Month Subscription Boxes that Cultivate Your Kids’ Interests

  • Kiwi Co.–this is such a favorite! There’s boxes for babies all the way to age 104! Read a detailed description of each crate on the main page of Kiwi Co.
  • Raddish Kids–for kids who love to cook or want to learn. We love this kit!
  • Stitch Fix Kids–just like the Stitch Fix for grown-ups, but for kids ages 2-14!


Gifts for kids who have everything that Capture Your Child’s Interests

Gifts that Encourage Family Togetherness

Gift Basket Ideas

Puzzles Basket:

Looking for more stocking stuffer ideas?

More Christmas Inspiration:

Currently List:

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