August 365 & The Endless Summer of 2012

This summer has been the absolute best. Bestest ever.  I look back at these pictures like, “how in creation did we ever do all that??”  We did. We seriously lived it UP this summer. I’m feeling a little hungover from a week at the beach and having to dive head-first into real life.  This week is co-op classes, boy scouts, ballet, Awana, and dipping our toes into school.
Hang on, though…before we light the pumpkin scented candle.  Let’s reminisce for a minute or two and relish in what was Summer 2012…
Tree climbing in South Dakota:: Carousels:: Twist Cone:: Jack’s first DS:: Robin and I, bartending:: Camping:: Reuniting with Sister:: Jack is 7!

Outer Banks 2012::  Beckster and moi:: Shelling:: Jockey’s Ridge:: Pretty shells:: Mama’s 30::  Currituck Lighthouse
Besides August’s rendezvous, July and June weren’t too shabby either.

and Williamsburg

Sullivan’s Island

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Hair cutting
Ice Cream Man

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I’m relishing. I want to wrap up this summer in a box and keep it forever. I’ve love love loved it.

But that said, I’m ready for what’s next. Ready to sharpen pencils and buy pumpkins…make some apple butter and eat it on fresh bread.

I’m lighting that pumpkin candle now.

Farewell, endless summer 2012…we have loved you.



  1. I love revisiting all those pics! 🙂 You definitely had an awesome summer girl! And I'm right behind you lighting that pumpkin candle. I'm SOOOOOOO ready for fall! 🙂

  2. I love revisiting all those pics! 🙂 You definitely had an awesome summer girl! And I'm right behind you lighting that pumpkin candle. I'm SOOOOOOO ready for fall! 🙂

  3. Now that is how to do summer your kids have some great memories of the Summer of 2012, I agree Fall is my favorite time of year, enjoy that candle.

  4. Yes it looks like you had a wonderful summer! I love the picture of all the seashells…anything that has to do with the ocean makes me happy.
    I too am ready for fall and all the fun that comes with it!

  5. Glad you had such a fun summer. I literally lit the pumpkin candle minutes ago. FIRST ONE! Have a great transition 🙂 xo

  6. WOWSERS! You guys really know how to do summer right. Can I please put you in charge of planning mine next year? Be sure to squeeze in our annual visit. Hee hee. What can I say? Our visit was in my summer top ten list! 🙂
    Seriously- what a beautiful summer you had. Your kiddoes are so blessed with all the fun memories you guys created.
    Love you friend! Said a prayer for you this morning!!!! I'm off to light my pumpkin candle too!

  7. Man you most certainly lived it up!!! Your photos are fabulous:) thanks for sharing the precious memories you made with us. Pencil sharpening time!! When do you guys start school?

  8. What a full, rich summer you've had! Now it's time for fall in the NC mountains… how sweet it is, and maybe a trip to Raleigh for the Fair… just sayin'!

  9. You did have a magical summer.
    I look forward to the years when my kids are older and we can set out on adventures of our own.
    I enjoyed our summer too, but I'm ready for a crisp mornings, cool evenings, leaves changing color, fall festivities….the works!
    Enjoy your week!

  10. I am so happy for you and your family, Alicia. After all the stress of moving twice … how smart you are to create these amazing memories.

    Enjoy the pumpkin candle.


    ps. YOU are adorable in all of these photos.

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