Friday Favorites

Good morning, folks.

Happy Friday.

It’s been a super busy week and it’s only getting busier today. Tomorrow we leave for the beach for a week.  Going to the beach to my kinda folk is a major big deal…like you need plane tickets.  But here, to these NC folk, it’s not a biggie at all. You can go to the beach for a weekend if you want…in your car.  So we’re ending summer with a bang on the Outer Banks.  We’re even going with friends, which makes it real special.  So today I’m packing. Packing wilst watching a total of 6 kids. They might think they’re going to play, but I’m really just going to make them empty trash and clean my refridge all day. Take that, kids!

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This week was so good! I had lots of favorites, but here’s just a few…

I won a giveaway over at Sasha’s last week and it came this week. It’s all from Ironstone Nest and it’s all cool. All of it!  Go visit this shop…it’s the perfect mix of old and new, but made to look old. Great stuff!

Get the 6 Secrets to a Simpler Mom Life

I saw these, the price was right, do I did. I love them. I love sissy’s little feet in them.

Almost all the kids’ activities started back up this week. The boys started scouts, which is just about the cutest thing ever. They’ve got a fall full of popcorn sales and camping and Sophie is just about the cutest ballerina ever. She got her same teacher from last year who is so good.  Fun kinda busy.

Thank you SO MUCH for the birthday love.  I had such a great day!! If you follow me on instagram you probably saw my fun-filled day.  But if you didn’t…Jarrod had the entire day planned.  It started with breakfast in bed. Then a morning massage at a spa in Biltmore Village. (If you ever visit here, hang out in Biltmore Village for the day…so fun!) Then we had lunch at one of my favorite Asheville restaurants. (there are a lot of them!) After that, antiquing at my favorite shop and a dinner with just the two of us, where I opened a “little blue box,” which has been a little girl fantasy of mine forever.  Call me materialistic…don’t care. I love my new silver horseshoe necklace.  Best 30th birthday ever!

And there was cake.
Seeeee ya later…


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  1. the outterbanks summer finale sounds like so much fun! can summer really be coming to an end? the sad part is here in Georgia it's not time to cool down yet:( have a great time at the beach:) Glad your birthday was amazing!!

  2. Okay what's up with not showing us the bling? HUH?? LOL

    But seriously. You need to post that for me. Thanks.

    I love the cake too. I better get some of that for my bday. GF of course.

  3. love the cake!! love the TOMS. i mean, if those aren't the perfect little girl shoes, what are?!!! like, i want to sell stuff at consignment just to go buy Sage those shoes. thanks for the inspiration! : ) so glad you had a great birthday.

  4. This last week looked super fun AND to go on vacay too?! Yay for you!! Have lots of fun!! That cake looks delish, and those TOMS are super cute!!

    Have a blessed weekend!


  5. What a way to end your summer with a bang! So happy for you guys!
    I'm so glad Jarrod pampered you on your B-Day! He's a keeper that one!
    That picture of you with the kiddoes is adorable and it made me miss you guys lots.
    Did you get anything fun at your favorite store??
    Love you friend! Have a wonderful beachy week!

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