Warning: You are about to read a totally transparent post in which you may or may not want to be friends with me anymore…read on with caution.

There’s no doubt, I have not hidden my feeling about VBS week. It’s not been my favorite. I’ve been a bit of a brat. Yes, I know we are all called to serve. This is true. But I also have to raise my hand and say that we are all very different.  I am not the same as Patient Patty over there across the room completely loving her time with 12 three-year-olds. I love my kids to death, could not ask for a better job, would do every minute of my mom life over, just to love on them all over again…I just don’t love everyone else’s kids like that….does that make me a terrible person?? I love my friends’ kids…for real. And mostly that’s because they discipline like I do. I can spend a week at Beck’s house because she will tell her girls if they’re being obnoxious.  I can spend all day at the pool with Carissa because she will plop her little sassy pants in time-out for 20 minutes when he needs it.  I have trouble with the kids I’m left in charge of that are completely out of control/kicking Alicia in the face/”you are not the boss of me”/hiding under chairs/drawing on tables.  That’s not my thang. I run out of patience right quick and want to leave…like an hour ago.

So yes, I do believe we’re called to be servants in the Body and to serve joyfully. In the same breath, I’d like to add that I would probably be more effective doing the decorating jobs or admin jobs…but that’s just me.  I’ve been involved in VBS for years and have absolutely loved it! We had a total kick-butt VBS at our old church in So Dak…but there was a big diff here. I was pretty much the co-director…case in point: make me the boss-lady and I’m fine with it. Kidding…sorta.  But seriously, it is very clear to me that God did not call me to open a day care or to be a preschool teacher.  Very very clear.  But the bottom line is: I signed up to help in any way, that’s where they put me, and I was a butthead about it. I’m proud to say I did not hurt anyone…including the very patient/oh my gosh, are you serious?!/overly zealous co-leader…yeah me!

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But then….well, as I drove two boys home last night still damp from their public proclaimation of their asking Jesus into their hearts that day…I had to silently ask God for forgiveness for being so ugly. If I had acted on that urge I had Wednesday night to call myself in for a mental health day on Thursday, keeping my kids and myself home to rest up and chill out that would have been a big mistake.

Both my boys stood in front of their peers yesterday morning and asked Jesus to be their personal Lord and Savior. Of the 600ish elementary kids 145 of them accepted Christ and 23 of them asked to get baptized last night. My boys were two of those. I can hardly keep it together even still.

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I was outside blowing bubbles with my 3-year-olds when I got this from Jack’s teacher and my friend:

I went and found him right away to give him hugs. Then afterward when I picked up my kids and Noah was sporting a new bracelet that read “SAVED” and his gaze told me he had made the decision too, I could barely keep it together. I asked if they’d like to be baptized that night at the VBS family night celebration (that I had already decided we were NOT going to before all this) and they both said YES in unisen.

So they did.

It was truly one of the sweetest things I’ve ever seen. My heart melted into a little puddle around my ankles and my cup raneth over. We’ve never wanted to walk them through these steps…never wanted to pressure or force…never wanted to say, “ok repeat after me and you’ll be entered into the kingdom with the rest of us, Christians.” This was just the way I didn’t even know I wanted it…their call…and together…their decision…as brothers.
They’re still sleeping at 10:30am…must be Jesus’d out. But with time to think about this week, I’ve realized…once again that it’s not about lil ol’ me. If I would have done what I wanted we would have skipped VBS all together this year…and missed out on this awesome night. What a pity that would have been.  I’m learning…๏ปฟ

Signed your not-so-preschool-friendly and proud mama friend,


  1. Wow! To know those two wonderful boys of yours are saved and made that decision together brings tears to my eyes. What a very special, life changing, moment for them. Glad you listened to God's nudging and chose VBS this year. ๐Ÿ™‚ Yippee!

  2. This is awesome! I am like you with other people's kids…I like them but don't want to be in charge of them!!

  3. Oh my word!!!! How adorable and the Jesus'd out comment was hysterical. Bless their little Jesus loving hearts.. all tuckered out. LOL

    Okay I am right there with ya on the other's kids. Love my own… love my friends… but not really my gift to deal with random kids. I can own that.

    Yay to your sweet boys… what a Mama blessing! ๐Ÿ™‚

  4. i'm not a fan of other people's ill disciplined kids either. wears me out.
    i am a fan of jesus, and of his "little ones coming to him!"

  5. I'm still boo-hooing over here! It was precious hearing about it from you, but even more special to see their little faces still damp and that JOY was just so apparent. I love that you could see it it Noah's face before you knew about his decision. A day that will be forever fixed in their memories…. and you've got pictures of it too… how special!

  6. Praise the Lord! Sometimes I get the same feeling as I travel with the band– we get tired, overwhelmed, etc. Sometimes my attitude STINKS, but thankfully, God still uses me to further His kingdom. It's such a humbling thing. He is good even when I'm not. So happy for you and your boys!

    -Bonnie @ Revolutionaries

  7. This made my heart sing. Congrats to your boys! They are precious.

    I KNOW what you mean, girl. VBS and the like leave me exhausted with a capital E. I *want* to love it and do to an extent, but mostly, I just feel tired and cranky. Thank the Lord for the ones blessed with unending patience and love for groups of littles.

  8. What an awesome day! I remember the day each of my boys made that decision and we celebrate their "spiritual birthday" each year now! We have yet to do their baptism. Oh…I feel the same way about 3 yr olds. My husband and I have taught the preschool class for the last three years and I have told the childrens director that I need a sabbatical this coming year…or maybe forever! Love my boys to death but it is hard to handle little ones that age that are not as disciplined as my own…makes me love/appreciate mine even more when I get home!

  9. You are a perfectly normal person for loving (moslty) your own kids only! I am right there with ya, and I was a kindergarten teacher for crying out loud! I really didn't mind it then, but once I had my own kids I ultimately left teaching to be a sahm, and wouldn't change it for the world!

  10. You are a perfectly normal person for loving (moslty) your own kids only! I am right there with ya, and I was a kindergarten teacher for crying out loud! I really didn't mind it then, but once I had my own kids I ultimately left teaching to be a sahm, and wouldn't change it for the world!

  11. awww praising God with you!! THere is no greator gift for a parent! =)

    and I totally completely feel you on the not loving other ppl's kids thing … in fact, I struggle with even LIKING most of my friends kids – how hard is that?!

  12. I remember that moment in my own life (grade one). It was 54 years ago. What a beautiful moment for your family and the bigger family of God.(and all those rejoicing angels.)

    I hate any sort of nursery duty, too. It makes me break out in hives.:)

  13. The best post EVER! The greatest joy of my life is knowing my kids love Jesus. I totally know how you feel about working with preschoolers; I have been so grateful through the years for the amazing men and women of God who have poured into my children at all stages of life.

  14. amen for baptisms! you must be thrilled. and it's true – we all have different giftings. our bodies can't be made up of just arms or fingers. we need all the parts. so it is with the Body of Christ. even so, i'm proud of you for making it through the week! : )

  15. I still adore you. And can totally relate to that … I always say I love well-disciplined kids. ๐Ÿ˜‰

    I'm in tears over your sweet boys. The angels are rejoicing … and so are their brothers and sisters in Christ. What an awesome moment!

  16. I've got tears in my lunch! Even though we chatted this morning, seeing the pictures was PRICELESS!! SO happy for your sweet family!
    And you know my thoughts on preschoolers. ๐Ÿ™‚ We all have our gifts and one is not better than the other. That's why I signed up to do snacks this year. ๐Ÿ™‚
    Love you friend!!

  17. This one made me tear up. Such precious boys! I love that they did it together. The pics are priceless!
    ps…Amen on the not so preschool friendly thing. That is why I do the decorations ๐Ÿ˜‰ So glad that you obeyed though! God is good! xo

  18. No judgement here! I'm not so sure most of us could gracefully handle so many little 3 year old at once. My 5 kids are all close in age (4 months to 6 years) and that alone is a job and a half. Congrats to your boys. It is always wonderful when a person of any age welcomes Jesus into their hearts.

  19. oh my goodness girlie! i'm teared up over here. there is absolutely nothing like seeing someone follow the Lord in baptism. it's my favorite thing in church. this blessed my heart SO much. my girls asked Jesus into their hearts a long time ago, but they've yet to get baptized. my mom wants to be there and it just hasn't worked out yet. i hate putting it off every month. may have to just do it twice;) that pic of the two of them was precious. gotta frame that.

  20. dear alicia,
    i love you even more now, for your sweet heart and transparency(is that possible?).
    as for your boys' decision?
    i have no words…just a VERY happy and overflowing heart.
    God shows us His greatness when we are at our weakest sometimes, and to say you would've missed out on a blessing is an understatement!
    yay! for character and perseverance when it's rough!
    i know EXACTLY how you feel about other kids and discipline. it's where i fall, too.
    i adore others children, but when they disrespect and run all over me, it's hard to give grace.

    i am seriously overflowing FOR you, dear sister.
    there is nothing more important in this world than knowing Jesus as your Savior and if i never meet you or your family in person, i know i'll see you on the other side…AMEN!


  21. Praise God. I'm rejoicing with you and I'm so excited that your boys have made the decision to serve God.

    Even though you're not proud of your attitude this week, you helped point your kids to Jesus. Thank you for being "that" kind of parent and thank you for sharing your faith. Your influence encourages others to live the same.

    Again, praise God.

  22. Wow, that is awesome news about your boys! You can see the joy in their faces! As to your transparency with working with three year olds…I totally relate, that is me to a T as well. We are all given different gifts aren't we? Have a wonderful weekend with those sweet kids of yours!

  23. What an awesome post! GOD sure works His wonders on us doesn't He? When we least expect it, when we don't want it and definately when we need it.
    My 1st ever VBS I was a crew leader and I too, had the children who were "difficult" and I did not want to go back, but I did.
    Well 8 years later these boys have grown into young men and the oldest has graduated from high school and is very polite and kind and a pleasure to be around. I am glad I stuck it out and I returned to help out for a few more years.

    Congratulations to your boys! What a wonderful, wonderful night.

  24. How exciting. One of the most proudest moments for a mama, when her little loves accepts the gift of salvation!

    I am with you on the whole not digging other peoples kids thing. It is very hard for me to be patient as well.

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