Carousel City

We are home. 
 You read my blog and we know each other…but you’ve probably never seen where I grew up and you’ll never guess what it’s nickname is; that’s right, The Carousel City.

What does that mean?

Well, it means there’s a ding dang carousel smack dab in the middle of town…that’s what it means.

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These are my people.
This is where I’m from.

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We ride on carousels and go the the movie theater that has one screen…yes, they still have those.

 {This is my sister…ya, I know. That is her beau, Kasey…a darling sweet guy with a million tattoos. That is my girl, Robin, on a horse…on the carousel.}

We can walk to the grocer’s, the post office, the bank, and the courthouse and back home in 45 minutes tops.

We take photos of the big old courthouse that reminds us of To Kill a Mockingbird.

We ride in the back of pick-ups and we don’t wear bike helmets.

We climb the trees we see, because there might not be another one for miles.

We grow corn and wheat and soybeans.

We buy Claritin because of the above.

We go to the local gas station to learn the news of the day.

We ride law mowers down the street.

We know whose dog belongs to who.

We wave.

Every street in town reminds me of something.
This is where I spent hours perfecting my free throw.
That is the place my backpack strap got stuck in my spoke and I fell.
That is the corner I wiped out on the loose gravel.
There is the library I spent hours of my childhood.

Where you’re from is part of who you are.

For some, it’s the city…as in the big city.
Faulkton…the Carousel City is not that kind of city.
It’s small, with a big fat heart…and a carousel smack dab in it’s middle.

My history. My first home.

And now we’re back to our Asheville home. We missed our love, Daddy, Mister. Eleven days is a long time to be apart, but we so enjoyed our time…more to come.



  1. I LOVED this post….it's always so fun to learn more about someone.

    I'm from small town, USA, too, but we don't have a ding dang carousel in the middle of downtown. 🙂 lucky dog.

    So, remind me where you guys moved to Asheville from???? Were you in SD before you moved? If so, then you left family to move South…..HARD move.

  2. Great post..looks like u had a great time back home…we just back home from SD too..we had so much fun…made me miss it terribly..and hunger to move back home…

  3. Okay I officially loved everything about this post. I too grew up in a wee little town in Montana and knew everyone… we OWNED that town!! LOL
    Our streets didn't even have names but mostly because they were gravel roads. Ha!

    And we knew everyone's dog too. I'm glad you're home now!! 🙂

  4. So glad you had a great time back at 'home'. It seems like no matter how many times I move, my hometown is always my 'town', and my parents' house is always my 'home'.

  5. you make me want to visit carousel city…sounds so much like my hometown. love these pics. gotta say i don't miss the allergies. geesh i'm a mess when i go home.

  6. Very near to where I grew up is the actual courthouse where To Kill A Mockingbird was filmed. It's in a really small town in Alabama. Love small towns that are home to people with big hearts. Glad you had a nice trip.

  7. LOVE the pics…and all of the sentiment.
    sounds a lot like where we live now….without the carousel. 🙂
    glad you're home, sweetie.

  8. Trips home are the best!! Thanks for sharing such great pieces of The Carousel City:) I particularly loved the part about courthouse photos<3

  9. Love this tale Of your beautiful little town, that is similar but so different to my little town by the coast that I grew up in…
    Yours is like a divine storybook with beautiful photos…
    Melissa x

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