There’s much more than 31 things to do in May, but we’re going to start there, ok? I love creating these lists for you and I love to imagine you checking a few things off this list–making memories with your sweet kiddos.

Here’s my list of 31 things to do in May. Things for you, Mama. Things to celebrate and things to read. I hope you’ll pick a few things and have a blast this month!Looking for some things to do in May with your kiddos? Look no further. Here's a list to get you started.

31 Things to Do in May

  1. Make May Day baskets and fill with goodies and deliver to neighbors. We love to hang them on the doorknob, ring the bell and run like crazy!
  2. Go on a picnic on the first sunny day in May!
  3. Use watercolors to paint flowers
  4. Read Mary Poppins and
  5. Make a kite!
  6. Read The Secret Garden and watch the movie
  7. Read Miss Rumphius and plant seeds just like in the book

Celebrate Holidays + Special Days in May

8. May 4th is Star Wars day! Try a Star Wars chalk art lesson found in the Chalk Pastel Membership Club.

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9. Take part in a local Memorial Day parade

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10. Visit a cemetery and bring flowers to some of the graves

11. It’s Mother’s Day! Have an at-home spa day with your kids.

12. Honor Veterans and military people on Armed Forces Day.  Visit a museum, write letters, etc.


13. Celebrate Cinco Di Mayo–paint some beautiful Mexican flowers

Things to Learn about in May

14. Study the life of poet, Walt Whitman whose birthday is May 31st


15. Learn about bees and honey

16. Visit a local farm

17. Listen to musical pieces by Johannes Brahms, his birthday is May 7th

18. Learn more about the life of Harriet Tubman.

Things to do Outdoors


19. Plant a tree

20. Clean out the sandbox and add more sand

21. Teach kids a new skill: window washing! Let the gorgeous spring sun in!

22. Go to a flower nursery and buy flowers for pots

23. Plant a garden


Things for Mama to do in May

24. Get a pedicure!

25. Clean out your bra drawer

26. Celebrate Cinco di Mayo–have a margarita!


27. Order new bathing suits for the kids and yourself.

Get ready for summer!

28. Gather goodies for a Summer Basket for the last day of school!


29. Write out a Summer Bucket List

30. Create a Summer Reading List–for yourself and the kids!

Looking for some things to do in May with your kiddos? Look no further. Here's a list to get you started.



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